How did the son of a poor farmer get to London who is known to the world today as Alexander Fleming.

By | January 8, 2021

How did the son of a poor farmer get to London who is known to the world today as Alexander Fleming.Scotland’s poorest farmer

He was a poor farmer in Scotland. As he walked towards the fields, he heard screams. Going towards the sound, he saw a child drowning in a swamp. In the swamp you try to get out as much as possible. Sink more quickly. The farmer calmed him down and broke a branch of the tree and told the child to grab it. I pull you After a while the baby was out. The farmer said to him, “Let me clean your clothes in my house.” But the child said my father would be upset and ran.

The next morning a magnificent chariot pulled up in front of the farmer’s house. A terrified person came out of the carriage and after thanking the farmer said what reward should I give you because you saved my son’s life. The poor farmer said thank you sir but if anyone was in my place he would do the same. I don’t want any reward. Even after much insistence, when the farmer did not accept anything, the nobleman’s eyes fell on the farmer’s son. Asked if this is your son. ?? The farmer caressed his son’s head with love and said, “Sir, this is my son.”

The chief said do a job. I’ll take it with me to London. Teach it. In love with the son, the farmer agreed to the offer. His son moved to London. Read and read so much that today the world knows him by the name of Alexander Fleming. The Fleming who invented penicillin. The penicillin that saved millions of lives. The chief whose son was pulled out of the swamp by a farmer. The same son was in a life-and-death struggle in hospital again before World War II. And his life was saved by Fleming’s penicillin. He was President Rudolph Churchill. And his son was Winston Churchill. Churchill who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in World War II. And who said.

Do good deeds because good deeds come back to you.

Alexander Fleming was a devout man. After the invention of penicillin, the pharmaceutical companies offered him up to ten percent royalties, which he did not accept because he thought he was being abused because he did all the work. The company is trying to sell them at only 10 per cent, but later when the 10 per cent royalty was estimated, it turned out to be millions of pounds a month.

It was impossible for me to manage that much money. ”Fleming’s words were. The company agreed without hesitation, but when Alexander Fleming sat down to type the terms, he felt that even one percent of the royalty was becoming too much The whole life would not have ended, while his desire was nothing but tourism and research.

With this in mind, Fleming typed a contract at midnight and wrote:

“This discovery of mine is not my personal property. It is a gift I have received as a trust. The giver of this discovery is God and His property is entirely divine. I have given this discovery and this revelation the following formula I make it public and legal, personal, emotional and “proprietary” that any country, any city, any human being, any society in the world, wherever it builds, it will be its human and legal right and my There will be no monopoly on it.

This historical phrase of Fleming is no less than a lesson

I must have been a means to an end. There was a device, of course, but I was not the inventor or inventor of it. I was only the one who revealed it, and this revelation was not the result of my hard work, but God’s grace and His bounty. They are by the command of God and by the grace of God; God bestows this knowledge on the world of man when He deems fit. Neither before nor after, at the appointed time, according to the hour of His command. I explained this principle to a local school in London for the convenience of the children that there are innumerable bundles of knowledge hanging on the threshold of God with a long rod. He cuts the thread of a bundle and commands that knowledge is coming.

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