Do you know why a spider kills its father after giving birth.

By | January 9, 2021

Do you know why a spider kills its father after giving birth?Recognize the tribulations

Do you know why a spider kills the father of a child after giving birth to a child?

Throws out of the house. Then, when the child grows up, she kills her mother and throws him out of the house. What a strange family and certainly the worst family.

There is a surah of the Holy Quran called “Spider”. 1. Spider is called “Spider” in Urdu. In the Qur’an, Allah, the Exalted, says that the weakest or weakest house is that of the spider. See the miracle of the Qur’an.

He told the whole story of this family in one sentence that the weakest of the houses is the house of the spider if they (humans) had knowledge.

Humans knew the apparent weakness of the spider’s web, but they were unaware of the spiritual weakness of the spider’s web, that is, hostility and civil war. Now, due to modern science, they also became aware of this weakness, so Allah said that if they had knowledge, that is, they would have been aware of the domestic weaknesses and enmity of the spider. Despite all this, Allah Almighty named an entire Surah this worm. Although the discussion from the beginning to the end of this surah is about tribulations. The beginning of the surah is as follows: “Do people think that they will be spared from saying that we believe and their Will not be tested. “

And he said, “There are some people who say that we believe, but when they are persecuted in the way of Allah, they consider the trial of the people as the punishment of Allah.”

The question may arise as to what the spider has to do with trials and tribulations. In fact, tribulations, conspiracies and trials are as complex as a spider’s web and it is not easy for man to distinguish between them and expose them. Would have But with God’s help, they are nothing.

And today is also a time full of tribulations … everything is a lie … everything is a deception .. mixing and fabrication everywhere.

In this time of tribulations, the one who got stuck in tribulations … just went .

Understand the tribulations by gaining knowledge from the blessed hadiths .And recognize them because only when one recognizes an enemy can one confront him .. Recognize the tribulations and then confront them and save yourself and your descendants from them.

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