WhatsApp vs Telegram

By | January 11, 2021

WhatsApp vs Telegram

If you have a WhatsApp account and your mobile is empty of the telegram, then understand that you are riding a motorcycle and rejecting the car offered for free.
Yes. Telegram is an application with unique features designed for receiving and transmitting messages, photos, videos, and other files. Although you use WhatsApp, Telegram is an app with more features than WhatsApp. You can tell by the constant use of telegram. However, here are some features:

The WhatsApp group can accommodate up to 256 people, while Telegram allows up to 100,000 subscribers to join its supergroup.

When you join any group on WhatsApp, you join that group blindly. That means you don’t know exactly what was going on in the group before you joined, who did what messages. And after joining any group or channel on Telegram, you can see all the conversations and content from the beginning. As if after joining any group on Telegram, you Do not regret that you missed out on previous messages, but all group content is within your reach.

Before you join any group on WhatsApp you can’t find out what kind of content is in the group. You have to join the group to peek into the group. In contrast, Telegram gives you this facility. Your first look at the group and review it, then decide whether or not to join it voluntarily.

All the content that comes with WhatsApp is loaded on your phone memory. So any audio, video, or another file that you want to watch, you will first download it to the phone and then you will be able to watch it. Carries the burden of and keeps your phone and memory card free from this burden. So if you want to listen or watch any audio or video shared on Telegram, you can watch it on Telegram. The file will not go into your phone memory until you send it to the phone gallery yourself after viewing it. I think this is the best feature of Telegram. So you are completely free from this hassle. Delete unnecessary content by repeatedly opening the gallery.

On WhatsApp, when you chat with any group or individual, your number appears in front of the person in front of you. Can communicate with anyone collectively or individually.

An important feature of Telegram is the “boot”. It is an automated robot that works according to your instructions. This bot automatically lightens your load by splitting your hand into many tasks.

Telegram also provides the facility to edit the message after sending it. You can change the message even after sending the message. WhatsApp is not providing this facility.

The volume limit for videos shared on WhatsApp is 16 MB. Videos larger than this cannot be sent to WhatsApp. In other files, this volume is up to 100 MB. While Telegram has increased this volume. The tax has been increased to 1.5 GB. That means you can send up to 1.5 GB of video on telegram.

Telegram saved message also gives you space on your server where you can save important messages, videos or other files and use them anywhere you need. Be free that in case of loss or reset of God willing mobile you will lose valuable material.

In terms of security, Telegram is more reliable than WhatsApp. Secret chat also allows you to send a message by attaching it to your desired time. Your time message is fixed from the recipient’s mobile. It will be deleted automatically over time. Telegram is also working on a feature to alert you if the recipient takes a screenshot of your message.

These were some of the features that make Telegram unique and better than WhatsApp. Awareness of more features and features from time to time after using Telegram. Once you try Telegram, you will definitely find many excellent and useful ones. Groups and channels are available for general use.

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