Interesting facts about pepper you will certainly not know before.

By | January 12, 2021

Interesting facts about pepper you will certainly not know before.Black Pepper

Today you may be surprised to learn that pepper is actually a fruit. Yes! And this little fruit started from the southern coastal areas of India. From here it spreads to tropical countries of Asia (where rainfall is high and temperatures are warm), such as Vietnam, Indonesia, etc., and then to other continents.

Pepper is one of the world’s best-selling spices and its largest exporter is Vietnam, which produced 163,000 tons of pepper in 2019, accounting for 34% of the world’s total exports.

Pepper fruit is called PepperCorn. Corn is called corn husk and pepper fruit which is very small. Approximately (5mm). It grows in clusters on a small stem-like stem. That is why it is called Pepper-Corn.

Does pepper have medicinal properties?

Our bodies contain free radicals, which can penetrate cells and damage them, causing cancer, inflammation, heart disease and skin diseases. These Free Radicals we get mostly from pollution, smoking and hot sun.

Pepper contains a nutrient called piperine. That’s why we feel its taste and aroma. It eliminates piperine free radicals and regulates their movement. That is, pepper is extremely useful for cancer, heart disease and skin diseases.

Does it sharpen the brain like almonds?

Yes, she does. Research shows that piperine strengthens the brain, reduces stress and prevents amnesia.

It also helps control sugar and cholesterol levels.

Pepper is also very good for digestion. It helps digest many vitamins and dietary elements such as calcium and selenium. It also increases the number of good bacteria working in our stomach.

Preparation of pepper

This fruit takes different forms before it becomes pepper and is used as a spicy in every form. When it is green when it is a raw fruit, Vietnam and Thailand use it in their various dishes. It then turns red, still used as a pepper. The last form of the fruit of the pepper is white pepper, that is, when it is in its final form, the outer skin is peeled off and the inner white grain is ground and used, which is called white pepper. Most hotels and restaurants use this white pepper which makes the taste of food different and rich.

To make pepper, the fruit is peeled off when it is green or slightly reddish, then the fruit is cleaned and boiled in water for ten minutes to soften the outside. It is then laid out in the sun or machine-dried. In this way, the outer green part of the plant turns brown and when completely dry, it turns black. If you open the pepper, its outer skin and seeds will separate. The outer skin is actually the fruit that has dried and turned into pepper.

Can it be grown at home?

Yes, it can be grown! The pepper plant is actually a vine, like a vine. And it needs a stick to grow. On a commercial or commercial scale, it is attached to tall poles or bamboo sticks or other trees, with which the plant grows upwards. The pepper plant can grow up to 33 feet tall, bear regular fruit in 2 to 5 years and continue to bear fruit for the next 30 years.

It is usually grown by grafting, but to grow it in a pot, take a pot, add fertile soil, mix 50% soft soil and 50% cocopete, which is easily available in the market. It needs soft and moist soil that is not too greasy. Pepper is a processed seed. It will not go beyond being put in the soil, but its white seed called white pepper will be found in the market. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Now put these seeds in water, the seeds will sink and you can use them separately.

Now in the same water in which the seeds are soaked, add two or three spoons of vinegar (Apple Cider Vinegar) and keep it soaked overnight. Apply, cover the grains with soil and spray lightly with water like a spray.

Pepper is a tropical plant that needs heat and moisture. It cannot withstand the heat and its leaves begin to burn. It is best to grow it inside a room window or in a shady place and keep the soil slightly moist with regular light watering. The plant can take 30 to 40 days to germinate. Since it is a vine-like plant, as soon as it comes out of the head, place it in the shade of a stick or another tree and stick its vine to the tree. In summer, do not let the temperature around it go above 40 degrees and do not let the soil dry out at all, otherwise the plant will start to deteriorate. Growing time is usually from January to April.

Some interesting games with pepper

Put crushed pepper and water in a plate and mix. Now apply soap on your finger and touch this water from the middle. You will see that the crushed pepper runs away and goes to the water’s edge at once.

Mix salt and ground black pepper and challenge your friends to separate the pepper from the salt. When they can’t, take a plastic comb, turn it over your head and roll it over the salt and pepper mixture. Pepper has different charge and different comb (static charge). You will notice that the pepper powder will bounce and stick to the comb and separate from the salt.

It is better to use black pepper than red pepper, it keeps you healthy and you can get rid of gastrointestinal disorders.

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