How Do Currencies Get Their Names?

By | January 13, 2021

How do currencies get their names?

Have you ever wondered how currencies come to be known to everyone?


The dollar is the most popular currency in the world. The dollar is used in the United States, Australia, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand and Singapore, as well as in many other countries. Is the name of the valley, from which coins were made by extracting silver. That is why the coins were named after the same valley. Joshmes was later removed from the name, leaving only the dollar, later called the dollar.


The dinar is derived from the Latin word dinarius, which is the name of an ancient Roman coin of silver. The dinar is now used in Kuwait, Serbia, Algeria, Jordan and other countries.


Rupee is a Sanskrit word meaning silver or minted (made of) silver.


Riyal is derived from the Latin word regalis which belongs to the royal family. Riyal is used in Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Earlier, the Spanish currency was called real.


The currency used in Italy and Turkey is the lira, a derivative of the Latin word libra.


The krona is derived from the Latin krona, meaning crown or crown. The currency called krona is used in various countries in Northern Europe, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia and even in the Czech Republic.


Then there is the famous British pound, which is actually derived from the Latin word “pounds” which means weight. In addition to the UK, the currency is called the pound in Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan and Syria.


The currency of Mexico is the peso. Which is a Spanish word that also means “weight”.

Yuan, Yen, Won

The Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, and Korean Won originate from a Chinese letter, meaning “round” or “round coin.”

Hungarian Currency

The Hungarian currency foreign is derived from the Italian word five reno, which was used for gold coins in Florence, Italy. The coin had a flower stamp engraved on it.
The Russian ruble is actually a measure of the weight of silver.


The South African currency, the rand, is named after the Whitwater rand, a suburb of Johannesburg known for its gold reserves.

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