Amazing event of millionaire Jew and skilled Muslim.

By | January 16, 2021

Amazing event of millionaire Jew and skilled Muslim.A Muslim used to cut diamonds for a Jew. Who was skilled in his work and extremely honest. The Jew did not pay him a fair wage, even though he made a lot of money from it. Due to which he could barely meet the expenses of his house. He spent his life doing so.

His daughter grew up and he could not save anything from his meager income. The jeweler borrowed some money from a Jew for his daughter’s wedding. The millionaire Jew refused to pay. The goldsmith returned home cursing his fate. When the money was not borrowed, the wife greeted him with arrogance and sarcasm. The troubled poor thing kept thinking all night about what had happened.

The next day he did not go to work at the shop. Later, at the call of a Jewish goldsmith, he arrived at the store with a bundle in his hand. Which he laid open before the Jew. Seeing the precious diamond in it, the Jew began to look at the artisan goldsmith with questioning eyes.
The craftsman said, “Master, this is our family diamond.” You are not allowed to sell it. You can mortgage it and give me some money. I will return the money to you and get my diamond back. The Jew agreed.
Muslim artisan marries daughter with loan money. Then he worked day and night to pay off his debts. After repaying the last installment of the loan, the Muslim artisan demanded his diamond. The Jew brought the diamond and placed it in front of him. The diamond cutter took the diamond and put it in the water. As soon as he saw it, the diamond melted away.

The diamond cutter said the owner was an Egyptian nugget. Which I made into a diamond with my art in such a way that even a goldsmith like you was deceived. You did not lend me at my humility and request. Because of which I had to withdraw money from you like this. I am a Muslim, so I did not run away. I’m sorry you didn’t appreciate me. That’s why I’m leaving my job. The craftsman left the Jew distraught.
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Allah Almighty commands that the needs of the needy be met, by doing so the evils of the society are eliminated.

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