40 Best And Essential Applications For Android Users 2021

By | January 17, 2021

40 best and essential applications for Android users 20211.Live NetTv

Live NetTv

Channels from all over the world along with almost all the essential channels of Pakistan are included in this application
The free app is not available on the Play Store.

2.30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 Day Fitness Challenge

People who do not have much time or space to exercise and do not have the necessary equipment to exercise, use this application.
Hopefully in a few days you will find yourself in better health
All the steps in it can be completed without any special machine
There are three basic levels
Each level is divided into two parts
If you want to take full advantage of exercise, do it at any time, but the daily time should be the same
And on an empty stomach
Remember that an empty stomach is probably the best time for this in the morning but the time you feel better.


BlackmartIs a store built on the Play Store style.
Where premium applications and games can be installed for free
Here is a separate category for the premium application. Where all premium applications come with their Play Store price but the price is only shown and the rest of the download is free.



Audio recording application
Audio will continue to be recorded in the background
Keep up the good content.



Any text you copy will be saved automatically.
You can remove that text from the application later
And you can make a backup of all these posts
Also on Google Drive in your memory card,

6.Clipboard Actions

Clipboard Actions

A beautiful and user friendly interface application that strictly follows the principles of ClipStack
But put it in second place because as soon as you uninstall the application, all the data saved will be lost.
It does not support backup.


This allows the size of any photo to be reduced without compromising on quality.



100GB Data Backup Free Facility Application.
You select your folder and it will create a full backup first, then an incremental backup (a backup that will only be a backup of a modified or newly generated file).

9.Do It Later

Do It Later

Your morning is telling you the fictional name of your night is telling you that later through this application you can write a Facebook post or Twitter or a text message and put time and date on it. It will be posted at the same time. Will take your time.

10.E-book Droid

E-book Droid

An excellent application for viewing PDF files and various documents in which different styles of page viewing are available.
Portrait and landscape mode can be locked, pages can be split.
Alternative: Adobe Acrobat Reader

11.Es File Explorer Pro

Es File Explorer Pro

Android is the world’s best file manager in which the file can be modified in a computer-like manner.
The file can also be changed or downloaded to hide lock extensions.
If you go deeper, the file can be shared or sent to the server file.
Purpose is a complete file manager application.
Its getting worse with the free version update.
But the Pro version is a great alternative to search on Google and download.



Is basically a browser.
But this is a floating browser.
On Facebook we often see links.
If you open them, loading takes a long time.
But if they are opened through the Flanks browser, it becomes a messenger-style bubble in which the link opens in the background while you can surf.

13.Insta Saver

Insta Saver

There is no way to save photos or videos on Instagram, but if you copy a link to that photo or video from there, the InstaSaver application automatically saves it.



Writing is a blessing for those who are interested in writing.
Write your notes which can be saved by linking to Google account and accessed from anywhere.
Passwords can also be applied to the application.
Your written documents can also be converted to PDF.

15.Mirror Go

Mirror Go

Actually it is for computer and mobile.
Install WonderShare software on your computer and control your mobile from your computer.
Write a message from the computer Open any application whether playing a game or playing songs in the cell on your computer.
A mobile tab will open on the desktop which can also be recorded.
Via Wi-Fi and data cable,
Alternative: Airdroid
But to use it you need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi router or modem and it does not have a screen share. There is nothing wrong with trying.



It also has live TV and movies and can be downloaded.

17.Mx Player

Mx Player

MX Player has been used by almost every Android user.
But everyone runs it but does not use its full function.
First turn on the hardware decoding in decoding. Play the background play to play the video in the background. Sometimes when you watch a movie, the movie cannot be forwarded. That is the solution by turning on the hardware decoding. Can be done.
Often an error occurs in HD volume movies.
AC3 codecs are not found
This is because some of the audio decoders of this application have to be downloaded separately.
According to the codex version of your mobile, you can download it from the XDA Developers Forum and put it in the download folder of your phone memory and once you open MX Player, it will automatically load them.
You can increase or decrease video skip time by improving gesture controls.
Force can apply portrait or landscape mode.
And many tricks can take full advantage of this player just by exploring the setting.

18.Show Box

Show Box

Almost every Hollywood and Bollywood movie can be downloaded from here.
There are not many Bollywood movies but Hollywood movies and shows are available in full and you can also download their subtitles.
Not available on the Play Store.



There is no better application for writing text on pictures, especially in English. But Urdu can only be written in Unicode. Unfortunately, its font cannot be changed to Nastaliq.
Alternative: Photox



As the name suggests, this is a privacy application.
You can encrypt any of your data in it.
Can lock applications.
Two or three times or more can take photos of incorrect code matching.
Unfortunately this application is free but for premium features you have to download the cracked version from Google.



An application with a nice interface through which you can download videos from YouTube and some other websites including Facebook etc.
But my choice is tube mats.
Alternatives: Tubemate, Snaptube, Videoder

22.Viva Video Pro

Viva Video Pro

The Pro version can be downloaded for free from Google or the Black Mart application.
It allows you to do video editing in a professional way.
Audio dubbing and much more can be done in it.

23.YIFY Browser

YIFY Browser

This is a browser for Toronto website where all movies and shows that have YIFY extension can be downloaded via Toronto.

24.Floating Stickies

Floating Stickies

Notes application with floating screen through which you can go to any tab and edit your notes. Very small size is an excellent Essential Applications.

25.Temple Run Oz

Temple Run Oz

A game based on the movie Oz the Great and Powerful with beautiful graphics. This game is not available for free on the Play Store, so google it.



Enjoy PSL craze on your mobile.
All the world famous channels along with almost all Pakistani channels are available in this Essential Applications.
It has a very beautiful interface and all the channels are in working position.
Note: I have mentioned this application in my previous part but its name is being rewritten due to PSL.

27.SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

This keyboard in Editors’ Choice is one of the best keyboards in the world.
Its auto-learning function learns your writing style very fast and then helps you to write and your written data can be stored in the cloud and inserted into any device.
The keyboard can also be resized with its beautiful themes.
Another great function is to swipe and write.
Rotate your finger and write. It has support for all the popular languages of the world.
Writing Urdu in particular, is a beautiful feeling from this application.
Alternative: Flesky

28.Easy Urdu Keyboard

Easy Urdu Keyboard

All Roman Urdu writers who have problems writing Urdu.
This application is a blessing for them.
In this application you write Roman Urdu and it will convert it to Urdu.

29.Photo Director

Photo Director

In the world of photo editing, even if he is not considered a king, he is no less than a minister.
All the tools for filters and editing with great functions are available in this application.
An excellent tool of this application is to remove any unnecessary part of your image.

30.Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player

The best and most powerful music player in the world of Android which provides a very powerful bass.
It also has the beautiful function of converting all the videos in the memory into audio.



Download stunning wallpapers with beautiful ringtones of the world for your mobile.
One of the best options is to change all the wallpapers automatically after a while.



In the world of Android, most of the applications have in-app purchasing
Freedom is an application that facilitates purchasing these apps for free.
It only works on rooted mobiles.
If it’s impossible to find on the Play Store, Google it.
Alternative: Lucky Patcher

33.Swipe Pro

Swipe Pro

Enjoy desktop Facebook on Android through this application.
This is a very small size and very fast Facebook browsing application.



Text messages are an essential part of every person’s life.
This application scans your sent and received messages.
And then shows the most used words in beautiful charts and graphs.

35. KinScreen


Samsung KS series mobiles often have this option that the screen does not turn off as long as you use the mobile.
An alternative to this is the application that uses sensors to keep the cell phone screen off while it is in use.



Time is wasted anyway so why not learn something on a smartphone.
This is a multiplayer quiz game.
In which you can play with an opponent by selecting a custom topic.
Ten seconds are a question.
The sooner you answer, the more points you will get.
A good application for learning something.

37.Quick Dictionary

Quick Dictionary

Any word on any website or application that you do not understand, you can see or read it differently through this application without opening any Essential Applications.



If you have a lot of printed photos that you don’t have a digital copy of, you can make a digital copy of them with this application.
Which will also save your photos in Google Photos.
Now you can refresh your memories anywhere.



Flood is a useful and beautiful interface application for torrent downloading.

40.Light Flow

Light Flow

Nowadays, various Android phones have LED notification light.
Whose color changes automatically with notification.
With this application you can put the color of your choice on the notification of your choice.
For example blue for text message then red or any other color LED light for Facebook Essential Applications.

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