Psyllium Husk: Some Key Features Of Kernels.

By | January 19, 2021

Psyllium Husk

What is Psyllium Husk?

In Persian, a horse is called a horse and a flower is called a flower. Asb-gul means a flower that makes you stand strong like a horse. When the word reached Pakistan through different languages, it became spaghetti.
Spaghetti is actually a small shrub or grass-like plant called Plantago in English. There are about 200 species, one of which is Plantago Ovata, which is the most widely used plant in the world.
India is the world’s number one producer of spaghetti, accounting for 80% of global demand, while the United States is the world’s number one importer of spaghetti. Demand for spaghetti is high in Europe and Asia. Is and is growing day by day.

What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ”

The special thing is in the peel of its seed. Since it is a cold and dry plant, God has created a tremendous force in the outer shell of its seed. That is, the peel of its seeds is full of natural pure fiber, which is capable of absorbing 14 times more water than itself. A dry cold area means less water for the plant. So the characteristic of this tiny seed is that it absorbs the water around it and the salts in it in its skin and stores water naturally and burns. When man realized this virtue of his, he took off his skin and started using it which is called Psyllium Husk or Psyllium Husk.

Psyllium Husk is a miracle medicine for the stomach

* It contains pure fiber which starts its work as soon as it enters the stomach. If you have constipation or dysentery, it corrects your stool movement in both cases, thus it acts as a natural laxative.
* The fiber in it lowers the body’s cholesterol, opens the arteries of the heart, lowers blood pressure and thus strengthens your heart health.
* This natural fiber is also helpful in controlling your high blood sugar.
* It is a miracle cure for many stomach and intestinal problems and diseases. It is also effective in reducing pain for patients with hemorrhoids.
* It is also a great thing in reducing obesity. However, do not give too much to dry thin children.
* It reduces gastric acidity and is also great for mild cholera.
. It also helps reduce gastric ulcers.
The length and breadth of a person’s life is determined by his stomach, and spaghetti is the best sympathizer of the stomach. Make it a regular part of your diet and prolong your life. However, in some people it can cause allergies, which is very rare. Do not use spaghetti if your eyes become swollen or sore or sore. Second, do not take it without water or liquid, as it forms a gel to cling to the surrounding water. Mild cramps often occur after using it.
By the way, you can use it with food, but it is still correct to use it when there is pain. It can also be used with juice or yogurt. Make it part of a tablespoon a day (seven grams) and then see the effect.

Can it be grown?

Hearing how much Psyllium Husk is beneficial for human health will blow your mind.It is a sensitive area plant with a dry and cold climate. And for this the soil also needs rocky and sandy so that the water does not stand. It is cultivated in the months of October and November.
By planting 7 to 8 kg of seeds per acre, yield of 700 to 1000 kg can be obtained. If the soil, water and fertilizer are properly managed, then the masonry and seed cleaning process is carried out. Its crop is ready in six months. It has about 15000 seeds per plant.
Seeing the usefulness of the seed peel, the FDA, a US government agency, has given its pharmaceutical companies formal permission for its medical use, with Procter & Gamble having developed many of its drugs under the brand name Metamucil Includes pure peel, capsules and fiber biscuits.
Spaghetti husks are used in many ice creams, cereals and fiber biscuits as well as in many sweeteners as a thickening of food. It is also used in many animals, especially horses, to correct their stomachs. ۔
If the government of Pakistan pays attention to this, it is a very good thing in terms of hygiene. Besides, by strengthening the local farmers and meeting the huge demand of the international market, foreign exchange can be earned in Pakistan.

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