Amazing information about domestic lizard.

By | January 22, 2021

Amazing information about domestic lizards.

Lizard habitat

They are believed to have lived in broken trees in the forest, but when man began to build a house, they also found a new home. It is an Asian animal that has now spread to almost all continents with the help of ships.
This tiny creature, so strange to look at and so terrifying, is actually humane.

Lizard prefer to live in houses.They live in such dark places in the house, in holes in walls and furniture, and they go out in the evening when it is dark. They mostly like to live in close proximity to light because at night when a lot of insects are exposed to light, they clean their hands on them so you will often find them hidden in the frame of the tube light. They keep your home free from insects by eating spy dwarfs, butterflies, butterflies, wood termites, ants, bats and red bag cockroaches.

What happens when a lizard bites?

It bites very lightly, which does not bleed, does not hurt, and does not contain any poison.

How many eggs does a lizard lay?

They give about sixty days a year. They have a great way to escape from their enemy, which is that they break their tails by shaking their tails so hard that all the attention of the enemy is drawn towards the tails that bounce so loudly that they run away in such a short time. Their tails erupt again in a few days.

Where do lizards live in winter and summer?

In winter you will not see them at all because they are heat animals that like special temperatures. In winter they go into a state called Bromation in which they stay asleep for a long time and only get up to drink water.

An easy way to get rid of lizards

If they have to be evicted from their homes, take special care of cleaning, remove the nets regularly, keep the kitchen clean because if there are no bugs, they will not come.
Close holes in walls or furniture.
Their noses are very sensitive and they strongly dislike the smell of egg and garlic. Wherever they live, put holes in the walls, etc., or sprinkle garlic or garlic water on them, they will run away.

What to do if the lizard falls into the food

Please don’t kill them for no reason. It protects your house from insects and termites. They are only harmful if they fall into the food and you eat that food because they have Salmonella bacteria in their stomach that can cause you food poisoning. But this bacterium is also present in other animal wastes and human wastes and often comes in fruits and vegetables which if not washed and eaten, human can become a victim of this bacterium. And the disease is fatal only to the elderly or children with weakened immune systems.
Hopefully this post will allay the fears of many.

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