Buddha’s tooth can pay off Pakistan’s debt.

By | January 25, 2021

Buddha's tooth

Historical assets of Pakistan

Buddha died in Koshi Nagar, Uttar Pradesh in 483 BC. India was then divided into eight states. Buddhist scholars divided the ashes of Buddha into eight parts and buried them in the stupas of eight states. Seven teeth were found in the ashes of the Buddha. These seven teeth are the holiest assets of Buddhism. Four of them were brought in taxis. The reason why these taxis were brought was very interesting.

The holiest city of the Buddhists

Taxila went to Buddhism and was the holiest Buddhist city after Koshi Nagar. The Buddhists built the first Buddhist university here in the life of the Mahatma. The center of the university was in Julian, while its faculties were in Swat, Peshawar, Takht Bhai, and Afghanistan. The city stretched as far as Bamyan. This area was called Gandhara and Hind was its capital. Hind can still be seen on the motorway just before the Indus River on its way to Peshawar. However, this city has been ruined by time and has become a small village.


Swat was also part of Gandhara at that time. The three sects of Buddhism are very important. Mahayana, Haryana (Theravada), and Tantriyana (Vajrayana). He was from Swat. You may be surprised to know that Buddhism reached China, Tibet, and Korea from Taxila. Taxila’s monks reached Tibet, China, and Korea. Don’t accept Buddhism.


In Bhutan, even today morning worship starts with the name of Swat. You go to Bhutan, Korea, Tibet, and Sri Lanka. If you take the name of Swat there, people will start kissing your hands. Chanakya also belonged to Taxila. Chandra Gupta Moriah Ashoka the Great belonged to the same Mauryan empire and was the first king of India to conquer the entire subcontinent from Bengal to Kabul in 260 BC, together with Chanakya in 322 BC. The government’s Taxila has been the holiest city in Buddhism for two and a half thousand years.
It remained barren and inhabited during this time until it became a mound of earth and a source of livelihood. John Marshall began excavating the Taxila monument in 1913 and did wonder. It is one of the four most sacred Buddhist assets, the Mahatma. John Marshall presented a tooth to the Viceroy and the Viceroy placed it in Orissa. Orissa is still one of the holiest places of Buddhism because of this tooth. The other tooth reached Chittagong. The other two were placed in taxis.

Buddha’s tooth travels to Sri Lanka, China, and Taiwan

The other three teeth of the Buddha traveled to Sri Lanka, China, and Taiwan and became the holy shrines of the Buddhists. Sri Lanka’s tooth is in candy. No one can visit it directly. Ayub Khan had gifted the tooth of Chittagong to Japan. He was placed in a special temple in the city of Kamakura.

Buddha’s tooth travels to Japan

Japan still respects Pakistan and Pakistanis because of this gift. Pakistan is the only country in the world that has two teeth of Buddha and these two holiest teeth are still in Taxila Museum. How sacred are these two? Just take this as an example. Pakistan took this tooth twice to Sri Lanka in 2016 and 2018. Millions of people greeted him at the airport. The President and the Prime Minister came and received it and millions of people lined up. He stood up and visited them.
We don’t even know how important Taxila is to Buddhists. You go to Julia in Taxila. You will find there a statue of Buddha with a hole in the navel. He puts his finger in this hole and prays for healing. He is healed. This statue is one in the whole world and has been lying in Julian for two and a half thousand years. Julian also has big niches in the walls.

Mahatma Buddha’s ashes

These are called mental cells and they are as sacred to Buddhists as Riaz-ul-Jannah is to us. Pakistan now has millions of Buddhist statues, statues, and ashes of Buddha. All these things are so precious that Pakistan Can pay off all debts but we are poor in spite of these treasures. Why? Because we have failed miserably in marketing. We don’t know how to sell things. If we sell these two teeth of Mahatma Buddha, then the whole debt of Pakistan can be paid, but it obviously requires intellect and it is not in us.

The government wants to make tourism an industry in the country. This is a very good decision. Tourism is currently the most powerful industry in the world. The world earns billions of dollars a year from it. France earns 22 billion dollars a year from the Eiffel Tower alone. And this amount is equal to the total exports of Pakistan while we are among the ten countries of the world to which Allah Almighty has given everything. We also have a history of nine thousand years.

The five highest mountains in the world

Pakistan also has the five highest mountains in the world. There’s the sea, there’s the desert, there’s the plain, there’s the ice, there are the glaciers, there’s the forest, so we should have made that decision a long time ago. “Our country has good beach areas, clean cities, and infrastructure in the mountains. We have not been able to build hotels and washrooms of international standards.”

The security situation is not good and tourists need activities in the evening and we cannot provide them because we are a Muslim country. India, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Azerbaijan are in our region. As liberal countries exist, these countries are cheap and tourism-friendly, we will not be able to compete with them in traditional tourism, so we have only one option left and that option is historical and religious tourism if we pay attention to it. So we can easily attract the world. Pakistan has the holiest assets of Buddhism.

The holiest places of Hindus

If we build a temple of Buddha’s teeth in Islamabad and invite the Buddhist world, millions of tourists can come to Pakistan. We also have exhibitions of Buddha’s teeth in Buddhist countries like Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, and Korea. We can earn millions of dollars a year from it. We also have the holiest places of Hindus in our country. Take Tala Jogis and Raj Katas. These two places are part of Hindu myths and the Gita. This is Jerusalem. This place was settled in India in 1947 by the Jogis of Tala Jogi.

Temple of Hanglaj Mata

If we build a tourist corridor from Wagah to Rajkatas and give free entry to Indian visitors for two days, we can earn millions of dollars from it. There is a temple of Sadh Bella in Sukkur right in the middle of the Indus It is a holy place for Hindus. We can also open it for tourism. If you go from Karachi to Gwadar on the Coastal Highway, you will find Hangul on the way. It is a 6100 sq km natural park. It is also one of the oldest temples in India. A pilgrimage is held here in the month of April and forty thousand Hindus come for this pilgrimage.

Sikh holy places

We can increase this number of visitors to four to five lakhs. All the holy places of Sikhism are in Pakistan. Nankana is the birthplace of Guru Nanak. He passed away in Kartarpur. Both these places can become Golden Temple. Sell these two cities to the Sikhs or open them for pilgrims by providing modern facilities. Forty-five million Sikhs will come here every year. Mehrgarh and Mohenjo-Daro are also gold mines. Mehrgarh is in Balochistan and This is a nine thousand-year-old civilization.

Four thousand-year-old city

The world’s first dental operation and India’s first statue was made in Mehrgarh, while Mohenjo-Daro is the only city in the world that is four and a half thousand years old. It is even older than Hinduism. It was the first city in the world to have Collective grain storage was arranged and a swimming pool was built. It also had two and three-story houses. This theory also exists. Australia was part of Balochistan. It broke away from Balochistan tens of millions of years ago and is now at sea. Floating closer to the South Pole.

We can work on this theory to open Balochistan to Australia and countless white cities in Pakistan like Warburton, Jacobabad, Lyallpur (Faisalabad), Montgomery (Sahiwal), Abbottabad, and Campbellpur (Attock). There are ‘we can attract European tourists by transforming these cities into old style’. Even if we can’t change the whole city, we can definitely invite tourists by building some parts of the cities in the old style and we Sooner or later new international tourist cities will have to be settled between Karachi and Gwadar but it will not happen so soon but we can open religious tourism immediately.

Silk Road

We should not delay in this otherwise we will lose this opportunity and the last suggestion is ‘we can open the Pakistani part of the Silk Road’, tourists come, travel on the Silk Road and go to other countries. Will increase our revenue.

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