Precious stones and jewels.

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Precious stones and jewels1. Garnet stone

GarnetThis stone comes in many colors. It is usually red in color. This stone is very attractive, delusional, and beautiful. Garnet in English is called Garnet while in other languages ​​Pulk is called Crescent Gray Nato. The color of this stone is dark red, yellowish red, purple, dark brown, shiny crystalline. This stone changes from yellow to red. Its pointed and sharp edges are crystal clear. Naturally, it contains mica and slate, and corrugated stone components. When broken, the pieces fall apart. They help in trimming easily. Used in jewelry. The effects and properties are very similar to crystal but important because of the color.

2. Termelin stone

Termelin stoneThe color of this stone is yellow, white, pink, red, green, brown, light black, and gray. It is a beautiful stone of crystalline luster. It is called Tourmaline in English. The word transmigration is derived from the Hebrew language. And it means colored stone. Timeline is also a strange masterpiece of nature. It is considered a jewel due to its beautiful appearance and unique charming colors. Timeline is a gem that is found in great colors and great varieties. In it, you will find every possible color and style of jewelry. Tomalin also contains stones that have more than one color, and Termelan also contains stones in which the effect of Cat’s Eye (Lahnsa) is most noticeable. The colors of some rocks seem to change from one end to the other, clearly or indistinctly, as the waves strike and move. Or two different colors appear in parallel lines. It is used for various diseases and wealth acquisition.

3. Topaz Stone

TopazTopaz holds a very high position among the precious stones. The real topaz has a luster like glass and most of the precious stones were given this name. They change their color in the presence of Venus. As Lal changes its color in the presence of disease. It is a shiny white, yellow, light orange, light pink, onion, and light blue shiny stone. Topaz is an ancient name. The taste is sour and the mood is cold. This stone is very hard and its luster is like crystal. The carving style is more like a diamond. White and yellow topaz is beautiful and precious. Jewelry includes the finest type of stone found in Ceylon, Brazil, Roxas, China, Japan, Australia, Siberia, Northern Nigeria, South Africa, the United States, and Iran. A light color is available in Pakistan.

4. Aquamarine Stone

AquamarineThe color of this stone is light yellow, green, navy blue, sky blue, and white. This beautiful crystalline stone is in the form of beads. Its garlands and rosaries are also made. It’s not very expensive. Because of its crystalline beauty and luster, most people engage in jewelry. The properties are somewhat similar to crystal. But the effect is significant because of the different colors.

5. Lal Stone

Lal stoneThe best in the world of jewelry. Lal is the name given to the highest and finest type of ruby. It is hard and heavy. It has different names and types. In terms of color, it is called Purple, Ramani, Onion, Luqmi, Doshabi, Palkani, Scorpio, and Polar. In Sanskrit, it is called Mankia and in English, it is called Ruby. The taste is bitter. This stone is very precious. But at the same time, there are many flaws in this stone. Defective stone has no value. Flawless is the most expensive stone in the world.


Lal can be cut with diamonds. Gives red rays. It is cleaned with tamarind water. It is also cleansed with olive oil. Stinky sweat and smoke make it worse. Chelsea color filters are fake if the rays pass through. This color filter is usually available with spectacle makers. It should be noted that the scientific method of mining for precious gems like rubies, diamonds, etc., revealed that all these stones are a kind of gems. Names and effects will vary depending on the color.

6. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis LazuliThis stone is dark and light, muddy, yellowish, and blue in color. This word is a compound word in English. The origin of its name dates back to the Middle Ages. Lapis means stone. Lazuli is an Arabic word. Which means blue. Its bright blue color has made it a jewelry item. This stone does not have veins. Only dots appear. It has white and golden spots. Scientists say the rock is made of copper and coal gas. Whose gold or silver is better? The taste becomes dull, the mood becomes hot and dry and the washed becomes cold and dry.
The main reason for its fame and popularity is its deep purple-blue color. Even today, very beautiful ornaments in the azure blue color are worn with great enthusiasm. Its air colors, tops, gloves, and necklaces are formed. In addition to jewelry, many other showpieces are made from this stone. The best type of lapis lazuli is found in abundance in Pakistan. That is why it is also sent to countries outside here.

7. Garlic Cats Eye

Cats EyeThe stone, which resembles a cat’s eye, is called Cats Eye in English, Ain Al-Hurairah in Arabic, Weeping Eyes in Persian, Lenozin in Sanskrit, and Lasania in Urdu. The stone is crystal clear, like a cat’s eye. It is a hard type of rock. Available in a variety of colors. But a hint of yellow or pink is prominent. It may be of any color, but each stone has a white stripe like a string. Atoms call it yarn, which looks bright when viewed in sunlight. This stripe is always white. These shiny streaks of this stone seem to be making waves.
Applying kohl in the eyes removes all eye diseases. Its manganese strengthens the teeth. Relieves diseases like diphtheria, paralysis, tremors, nerve weakness, and convulsions.
The effects of this stone are somewhat similar to sapphires. Israelis use more. A rare and rare Lhasnia Babu Than Singh was near Murshidabad (Bengal). It is found in India, Brazil, and the United States.

8. Emerald Stones

EmeraldThe best green stone is emerald. It is said of this jewel that if it is placed under the tongue, an adjective like Darwish is created in the mood. Emerald is famously shiny and precious. In Hindi, it is called Panna, Emerald in Sanskrit, and Emerald in English. This stone has been used as an ornament of jewelry since ancient times. Because this stone is second to none in its atmosphere and luster and it is known that the snake becomes blind as soon as it sees it.
Nice and beautiful emerald is like a parrot’s feather in the color and just like green grass. In ancient times, there was a common belief about this stone that if a person broke his promise, the emerald would change its color in his hand.

9. Zircon stone

Zircon stoneThe stone is called Zircon in English, Gomia in Urdu, Gomida in Hindi, Gomida in Sanskrit, and Lal in Arabic. This is a shiny ancient stone. Zircon and diamond are so similar to each other that it is very difficult to identify them. The only sign of it is that zircon weighs more than diamonds in volume. It is less commonly used in jewelry today than in ancient times. This rock contains some particles that block its luster and water. The best orange and syrupy color. Zircon is also used in nuclear reactors. Used in spark plugs and photographic smoke flush powders, platinum is a boon. Stained zircon, cracked zircon, and facial zircon are defective. Zircon is found in Burma, France, the USA, Norway, Ceylon, and Pakistan.

10. Amethyst agate Stone

Amethyst agateThis stone is also related to a type of agate. This stone is also known by the English word Amy Thirst and is mostly known by that name. The color of this stone is purple and it is also called purple begging. It has a lot of inertia in gold. It is also engraved. This stone is also mentioned in the heavenly scriptures such as the Gospel, the Torah, and the Psalms. In medical terms, this stone is very useful for children. Protects them from polio. Strengthens bones. Relieves calcium and phosphorus deficiency. Quenches thirst

11. Stone of Judah

Stone of JudahBooks say that the Stone Age was a kind of plum tree. In ancient times, berries were planted on trees in a garden. A poor man passed away. He picked up a few berries. Mali scolded the poor man and said, “You are carrying the property as if it stoned.” Faqir left saying, “These will be stones.”
The next day Mali saw stones hanging from the trees instead of berries. The only thing that has been said about the Stone of Judah is that these are the same stones. They are waxy in color, with stripes of different colors. They are also found in white and red. It is about the size of a berry. This stone is also called Aswan in Hindi and Judaism in Persian. This stone is of two types male and female. Female stones are smaller than males. Female stones are extremely useful for females and males.
In medical functions and properties, it breaks down the bladder and kidney stones and is useful in gonorrhea. In case of injury, it is beneficial to grind half of Masha Kharal and eat it. It is easily absorbed in the scab. Gets rid of diabetes. The stone is found in Korea, Beirut, and Arc.

12. Stone of the Moon

Stone of the MoonAn expert who has done scientific research on rocks has written that if you look at the lunar eclipse in a lunar eclipse, it looks as if the water is dripping from it as if this rock has a deep connection with the moon. This stone shines brightly at night. It shines brightly in the heyday. Its light diminishes in the fall. This caring is a white, light crystalline transparent stone. It is surrounded by a circle of light like the sun and also has white inside. Scientists say that the age of this rock is two and a half to three billion years.

13. Opal Stones

OpalIt is a white milky stone. It is called Opel, Opal in English, and White Stone in Arabic. It has a variety of beautiful colors, small signs, and a deep glow like the stars. It is a good stone to keep the mood happy and cheerful. Wearing it creates simplicity and seriousness in nature. Creates a tendency towards trade. Good luck to those who love you. This stone is especially helpful in married life. This stone is a symbol of good wishes. As good as Opel is, it’s just as unsustainable. His life is uncertain. Even the slightest injury can break or crack. Excessive sunlight, even mild heat, can sometimes cause damage. The biggest reason for this is that it is not rigid. You have to be very careful to wear them. Opel is divided into four categories based on its color. Black, white, fiery, and blue opal.
In addition to the above types, there are many other types of opals and their names are different depending on the type of opal. This stone gets cracked with more heat. Put it away and take it out in the morning. This will increase its life. This stone has a high demand for water. There are many popular traditions about Opel. Different colors are considered good luck and bad luck. Despite all this, this stone is still widely used today.

14. Coraline

CornelineThis agate-type stone is popular in red, brown, and yellow. The stone is called Ladakh in Sanskrit, Corneline in English, and Saro in Arabic. It is also available in pink, black, white, and blue, but all of these colors are a mixture of yellow. The temperament of this stone is a dry cold.

15. Bloodstone

Blood stoneThe stone is green in color and has bloodstains on it as if fresh blood had been spilled on it. For this reason, it is called a bloodstone. In Arabic, it is also called the Stone Age. This stone is attributed to Jesus (PBUH). When you were hung on the cross, this stone was found under the cross. On which drops of blood had fallen. Bloodstone is shaped like this stone. Christians make this stone cross and wear it like an amulet. Statues of Jesus are also carved out of this stone.
According to the astronomer, the effects of the eclipse are visible on this rock, but the eclipse can also be seen in this rock.
It is a dark green stone with bloodstains. There is also a red stone. But nowadays it is rarely found, this stone (Baldstone or Stone) is found in Africa, Brazil, Pakistan and Egypt. There are many deposits of this stone in the Balochistan province of Pakistan.

16. Stones eagle

Stone eagleThis stone is available from the eagle’s nest. When the stone is activated, it makes a croaking noise, but when it is broken, nothing is found inside. When the eagle is perched on an egg, if a person turns towards its nest, the bird throws the pebbles of the same stone at the man with its beak (as if it were hitting a stone). Its shape and texture are similar to tamarind. Is.

17. Stone bean

Stone beanIt is also called Sang Sam. Its color is slightly greenish and white, but some are darker in color. Its shiny crystalline hard type of stone. Sing jade is a type. Nature has given this stone the attribute that if a person has poison and that person gets close to this stone, then this stone comes into motion. In ancient times it was highly valued. He lived at the king’s table or in his arms. Now it is rare. Minister of Nizam-ul-Mulk Hassan bin Ali has written in Sira-ul-Muluk that Sulaiman bin Abdul Malik once said, “My kingdom is no less than that of Hazrat Sulaiman (as). As much wealth and weapons as I have, they have not been given to any king. ” ‘ The king said, “What could be that I do not have?”
The man mentioned the stone and said, “Nature has given this special quality and effect to this stone.” The king tested the stone and, regretting the words of his arrogance, bought the stone from him. Its utensils were made in ancient times. Available in the China area.

18. Sunstone

SunstoneIt is called Sunstone in English while its various names are Mela Kit, Mela Stone Proof, Adularia. Its color is white, slightly brown, and resembles crystal in brightness. Former scholars have written that tying this stone to a date tree gives more fruit.

19. Pearl

PearlThe pearl emerges from the sea in the belly of the oyster and cannot be carved like other stones. Rather, the natural texture is smooth and spotless. It is called pearl in Persian and lulu in Arabic. A pearl that is very beautiful, clean, and without admixture is called fragrant. It ranges from poppy seeds to pigeon eggs. Sea pearls are excellent and standard. Freshwater pearls are not the best.

Pearls from 6,000 years ago

Man has been using pearls for his beauty for six thousand years. The history of diving in search of pearls is very old. Its honor and value go back to ancient times. Pearl, white juicy milk in color is considered excellent. They are also light pink, dark brown, brown, and khaki. Precious and shiny. It has a round or pointed shape. This pearl is the true pearl. It is best to keep fine pearls in a soft place. It is necessary to air every six months. Real pearls have a light color that looks like a rainbow. It dissolves in vinegar and nausea. True wine cuts the real pearl, but it takes several weeks. The taste is dull, cold, and dry.
It should be noted that the sun is in the constellation of Aries. The rain of this period is called Ab-Nissan. This worm carries a drop of water vapor to the bottom of the water. This pearl of rainwater is excellent.
The black pearl in the atoms is known as Kakabas. It is also light black and reddish. Used as a pendant for bad eyesight and repellent. Real pearl corn stinks and is spoiled by bad sweat, grease, and smoke. Aristotle says that the marriage of the one who uses it is successful and life is happy.
Pearls create piety in temperament. It is a nourishing soul, its effect is embedded in the whole body and creates patience and stability. It gives strength to the body, it is fun, it dispels illusions and fears. Gray pearls are best for the eye only. Its cold removes whiteness and weakness of the eye. In royal times it was used in lime water. His boat is a heart, a heart, and a mind. If Kishta is made into a small amount of syrup and drunk, it stops the flow of water from the eye. Breastfeeding a pearl and feeding it to an infant for 40 days protects the baby from measles. By dissolving its powder in rose water and applying it to the face, the face stays bright.
Almond-shaped pearls are beautiful. They have been used as necklaces or beads. But now they are becoming rare. Some stained pearls are cut off and used in clips, brooches, and rings.

According to the Quran, the blessing of pearls

In the Qur’an, Allah Almighty has counted pearls with coral as one of His special blessings. Pearls are a blessing of heaven.
Imam Bukhari (may Allah have mercy on him) writes in the chapter on the marriage of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): Give the good news of the house, which will be of pearls. ”

20. Sapphire

SapphireSapphires are considered to be one of the most sought after gems. This precious blue gemstone is called ruby ​​in Persian, caud, sori tan in Sanskrit, sapphire in English, and sapphire in Hindi. Its taste is dull, its mood is cold and dry. It gives strength to the body and eyes. Millions of nature, its ring protects the body from skin diseases. Its blue color symbolizes and creates beauty. Yellowish blue and caudal color but like the peacock’s neck blue color is good and precious. Otherwise, it causes severe damage.
From a medical point of view, sapphire syrup cures all eye diseases and sharpens eyesight. It is an antidote for poison. The defender is evil. Strengthens the heart and mind and cures all their ailments. Removes all blood diseases. Prevents hemorrhage. Reduces the severity of the fever.

Historical status

1. One of the thrones of Hazrat Sulayman (as) was made of sapphires.

2. The Ten Commandments which were revealed by Allah Almighty to Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) were engraved on sapphires.

3. Decorated her crown on Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

4. Napoleon’s defeat in the Battle of Waterloo.

5. There is a statue of Gautama Buddha carved from sapphire in the National Museum of Britain.

The Louvre Museum in Paris has a 6-carat brown canyon that was recovered from Burma.

7. The US National Museum has a rare sapphire weighing 8 carats.

Sapphire is available from Salon, Lanka, Burma, Siam, and Australia. Good quality sapphire is also found in Kashmir. Lanka is a huge jewelry market. Sapphires are also found in the southeastern part of Siam. Its reserves were also discovered in Pakistan. But so far no attention has been paid to its removal.

21. Turquoise

TurquoiseOil is a famous shining stone. The taste of this jewel, which is found second in the world of jewelry, is dull. This yellow dry stone is also called barge in Sanskrit, turquoise in Persian, and turquoise and lad in English. Its color is green and greenish, light and dark white, sky blue. Some turquoise is also blue. The highest type is turquoise.


Acceleration does not affect it. It does not melt in the fire but changes color. The color of solid and good turquoise remains constant. Such jewelry has more luster and water. Some lose their color. It is called raw turquoise.
Solid and good turquoise has the special feature that its color becomes clearer in clean and good air and atmosphere. The color is less in bad air.
It is of great value in Afghanistan. It has carving factories in Mashhad. The best turquoise is considered to be Neshapur, Mashhad, Kerman (Iran). The stone is also found in Nepal, Tibet, the United States, and Afghanistan.

22. Diamond


More precious than all stones. The stone, which has a brighter and clearer crystalline color and reflects the rays of the rainbow in the light, is called Diamond in Arabic, Hercules in Sanskrit, and Diamond in English. This English name is Greek, which means very strict and strong. It is also called Diamond, ID Miss, Almahin, Chonsiak, and Bajram. Great is the jewel. Real and pure diamonds are colorless. The brightest in the body. The mood is cold and dry. It is famous all over the world. It is mentioned in ancient myths about three thousand years before Christ. In ancient times people called it a fiery stone because of its radiance and light. It has the special feature that the rays of light collide with it and return. If you put wax on the edges of the white diamond and place it in front of the sun, it looks like a rainbow. Large diamonds often have the opposite face. It had importance and value as a royal stone. In the beginning, the birth of diamonds was kept a secret. Unparalleled and rare diamonds were kept in the treasures of emperors. It also has a burning sensation.
The rarest, precious, and beautiful things in the world are compared to diamonds. It is hard and tight in all jewels. There are six popular types.

-1 crystalline, it is clear and shiny.

-2 mercury, it has a hint of mercury.

-3 Zaghi, this is simple ink lightning.

4. Abyssinian, it contains ink.

5. Vegetable, it has a slight syrupy color. But colored diamonds are considered antiques. All the old records and books are silent on this matter. Diamonds cannot be cut by the sharpest metal. It is cut and carved only from this (diamond).


Ultraviolet rays cannot cross through diamonds.

Diamonds are also called hard stones because they do not contain any lines or hair.

It absorbs rays from the sun and shines brighter in the dark.

Rubies, sapphires, and glass can be cut with diamonds. In medical procedures, the diamond itself is poison. But it is useful in eliminating the effects of poison. It is used in alchemy. It forms mercury (this is a separate art). Burning a diamond turns its flame bluish-white. In ancient times, diamonds were worn exclusively to ward off magic, sorcery, and evil.
Even a simple diamond mining (diamond cumin) is difficult to avoid if one eats it. In ancient times, a diamond ring was given to a high-ranking army officer so that when the army retreated in battle, the officer would be captured by the enemy, so the king instructed that the diamond be removed from the ring and eaten. In this way, the military officer could not survive under the control of the enemy and the military secrets were kept safe. It breaks down the liver. If you immediately grind it in a few drops of water and drink it with milk or if you feed raw goat liver, vomiting will come out. The second method is to vomit fresh milk and cow’s ghee so that the diamond is removed tomorrow.

Putting real diamonds in goat’s blood and cooking well reduces weight. It reflects light.

23. Agate


Agate is considered the best stone in the world. It is called Agate in Persian, Helik in Sanskrit, and Carne Lane in English. Its other different names are Agate, Course, Vegas. Red, white, yellow, milky, liver color, brown color is a shiny stone. This Khumbati Agate is available in different colors and sizes from Khumbat (India) near Bombay. It also has good impressions. Provided it is clean and good, but it causes anger in the mood and confusion in the affairs. In Yemen, agate has four colors like liver (coffee, liver), yellow, white, and solid bricks. The taste is dull, the mood is cold and dry. It’s fun to look at. It is counted among the religious stones. It has been adopted more by religious leaders. Sufis, dervishes, and yogis use it more. It is a very ancient stone. Used since 1200 BC. The highest and best agate is Yemeni. ۔
Her ring attracts nature towards rape and martyrdom. That is why in ancient times mystical style gentlemen used this stone garland. The words inscribed on the agate always appear in their original form. Some agates have mica-like feathers and veins are visible in large stones.

Medically, its kohl is useful for eye vision. And its Ranjan is abundant in pyrexia. But eating it causes various diseases in the stomach.
Hazrat Imam Musa (AS) has said that “a believer should have five things”.

(1) Ring (2) Miswak (3) Rosary (4) Sajjada (5) Comb.

Good agate is available from Yemen, Egypt, Afghanistan, the Arabian Peninsula. The most abundant agate is found in India. It is also likely to be found in Pakistan.

24. Stone star

Stone star

It is called Sorna Bee in Sanskrit, Chrysoprase in English and Sorna Gully in various languages.

It is a beautiful brown and brown colored and silky shiny stone. In it, very small particles shine like stars. Its functions and properties are similar to those of garlic. Inserting a stone into it produces electrical energy.

25. marble


In Arabic, it is called Stone and in English, it is called Marble. This is probably called the Stone of the Prophet. The taste is dull, the mood is hot and dry. The medical procedure is anti-cholera. This stone repels all kinds of grief. Placing it at the place of choice sucks the poison. Its ointment is useful in all dental diseases. Mixing saffron and Kashmir green (green coriander leaves) with water and applying hot paste dissolves the edema. The rose is accompanied by the plague. A piece of marble on which the date of death of someone is written, wash this stone with the intention of sending love, and drink its water with the intention of separation to the lover, it has a very quick effect. This process is effective on specific lunar dates. This rock does not dissolve completely in water. Used in making buildings, roads, lime, glass, and soda. It does not get hotter than the bright rays of the sun. The first colored stone was scarce.

It has been used since ancient times. The work of art on this stone will be seen especially in the ancient mosques of Egypt. The carvings that the Egyptians painted with colored stones on marble are rare. A magnificent statue of the god Jupiter was made of marble, gold, and ivory in the field of Olympia in 43 BC. The floor of the Kaaba is made of marble.

Rubbing salt on the marble and washing it with water makes it perfectly transparent and juicy. This stone is available in Mardan, Quetta, and Rajasthan (India).

26. Coral red

Coral redBasad in Persian, Praval in Sanskrit, Coral in English, Aqeeq-e-Bahr (Sea) in Arabic and Korim are called Prawala, Pagalam, Sadhuchi and Tara. It is also called coral. The best kind is dark red. The taste is dull, the mood is cold and dry. It is red, pink, brown, light yellow and white. It is a mixture of calcium carbonate and iron. Is a popular thing

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