The bitter truth that we do not like to hear.

By | January 28, 2021

RealitySomeone asked a man why there is so much poverty nowadays.

Bitter Truth Answer

I don’t think there is as much poverty today as there is noise.

What we call poverty today is actually the unfulfillment of desires.

We have even seen the days of poverty when there was no money to put a plaster on the school board.

Slate did not have money to write on the slate. They used cell coin.

Those who wore school clothes only wore them on Eid.

If they used to buy clothes for a wedding, they would take the school colors so that the uniforms would not have to be made separately.

If the clothes were torn, they would sew them and wear them again and again.

Even if the shoe bursts, they would sew it again and again.

And the shoe service or Bata’s was made of local company’s plastic.

If a guest came to the house, they would ask for ghee, salt, and pepper from a neighboring house.

Today, God willing, every household has a month’s supply.
The guest then has the entire barat equipment present.

Today, school children are ironing seven uniforms seven days a week and keeping them at home.

Wear a new pair daily.

Today, if one has to go to a wedding, separate clothes and shoes are bought for Mahinda Barat and William.

In the days of our Baba Ji, a walking man used to give thanks, his clothes were up to three hundred, his boots were up to two hundred and his pockets were empty.

Today’s walking youth who is crying for poverty has in his pocket a mobile of thirty thousand, clothes of at least two thousand, shoes of at least three thousand, a watch on his hand.

In the days of poverty, when there was no oil to light a lamp in the house, cotton was dipped in mustard oil and burned.

In today’s world, there is poverty for the fulfillment of desires.

If someone can’t sew three pairs of clothes to attend a wedding or three pairs of clothes for Eid, he thinks I am poor.

Today, unfulfilled desires are called poverty.

We have become ungrateful, that is why blessings have come.

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