Surprising information about Saudi Arabia / Makkah

By | February 7, 2021

Surprising information about Saudi Arabia / Makkah

Information about Makkah

1- Water is expensive and oil is cheap here.
2-: Women know more about the routes here than men and only women do all the shopping here but behind the scenes.
3-: The population here is 40 million and the cars are more than 90 million.
4- The garbage of Makkah city is dumped in the hills 70 km away from the city.
5- Zamzam here is used throughout the year and all over the world and is also used here in Makkah and all over Saudi Arabia, and thank God it has never diminished.
6- In Makkah alone, 300,000 chickens are consumed in a day.
7- There is never a quarrel in Makkah.
8. Saudi Arabia employs about 3 million Indians, 1.8 million Pakistanis, 1.6 million Bangladeshis, 400,000 Egyptians, 100,000 Yemenis, and 3 million people from other countries.
Think how many people’s houses Allah is driving from here.
9- 7 million ACs are used in Makkah alone.
10- There is no crop except palm, yet everything in the world, fruits, vegetables, etc. are available and sold here without season.
11-: Here in Makkah 200 quality dates are sold and there is also a date that does not contain any bone or gharkil.
12: Nothing is sold locally or duplicate inside Makkah, not even medicine.
13. There are no rivers or ponds in all of Saudi Arabia, yet there is no shortage of water.
14- There is no power line outside in Makkah, it is all underground.
15- There is no drain or drain in the whole of Makkah.
16-: The best cloth in the world is sold here. While not made.
17: The government here pays a monthly stipend of 600 to 800 riyals to each student.
18- There is no such thing as deception.
19- The money received from the government for development work is spent in full.
20: There is no time for mustard oil here, but it is sold. Sunflower and corn oil are eaten here.
21-: There is no greenery here, that is, trees are like no plants, the mountains are dry and black, but there is no difficulty in breathing, here this scientific research has failed.
22-: Everything is imported from here but there is no inflation.

Those who traced the water of Zamzam had food in their mouths

More new enlightening aspects were revealed.

Details Of Mecca

According to the details, the international research institutes on the mystery of Zamzam water and its well have failed to reach the bottom of its natural technology.
International research institutes have been working to find out for decades.

What are the reasons for the properties found in the water of Zamzam?

And * 720 liters per minute *
While * 43 thousand 200 liters in an hour *
Where is the water coming from in this well that provides water?

There is no water in the land of Makkah despite being hundreds of feet deep.

The Hido Institute, a Japanese research institute, said in its research report that

* When the water of Zamzam is added to a drop of water, its properties become the same as those of water of Zamzam *
The crystal of a drop of Zamzam is not similar to the crystal found in the water of any region of the world.

Another revelation is that even recycling cannot change the properties of Zamzam.

An examination of the ratio of minerals in water to milligrams per liter shows that.
That in it
* Sodium 133, *
* Calcium 96, *
* Potassium 43.3, *
* Bicarbonate 195.4, *
* Chloride 163.3, *
* Fluoride 0.72, *
* Nitrate 124.8, *
* Sulfate is 124 mg per liter … *

The total depth of Ab Zam Zam well is 99 feet.

And the distance from its springs to the bottom of the well is 17 meters.
It should be noted that in almost all the wells of the world, the accumulation of algae, the growth of various types of herbs and spontaneous plants, the emergence of plant and biological growth or the emergence of different types of insects are common. And the taste changes.

It is a miracle of Allah that no algae accumulate in this well, no plant and biological growth takes place, no color changes, no taste …
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