Interesting information about the Elephant.

By | February 8, 2021

Interesting information about the ElephantWell, you may know about elephants, but today we will share with you some things that will surprise you. The elephant is an animal that you will see mostly in the zoo. Let’s see what traits elephants have that we don’t know yet.

Elephant fur is one inch thick.

Elephants communicate with each other with the hooves of their feet and also warn each other about many dangers.

The elephant is an emotional animal. They cry, play and remember old memories, and laugh.

If an old friend comes back to Jund too late, they hug him and have a party.

Elephants have bad ears, but their hearing is very weak.

The maximum age of an elephant is 70 years.

Due to the high weight of elephants, they are also very good swimmers. Only the heart of an elephant weighs 11 to 15 kg.

Their bad smell makes their sense of smell very sharp, but their ability to see is very weak.

The heaviest elephant recorded at the time was 24,000 pounds, which was 13 feet high.

Elephants, like humans, prefer one elephant to another.

Elephants are very sensitive about their children. If a child complains about something, then the whole family rushes to listen to him.

There is only one mammoth jumper in the world and he is an elephant.

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