Why is the fig called the fruit of heaven?

By | February 14, 2021

Why is the fig called the fruit of heaven?Mention of the fig in Quran

The fig is called the fruit of heaven. In the Qur’an, Allah Almighty has sworn by the fig, that is, by the fig and the olive and the turmeric (Surah Al-Tin).

Are figs beneficial for the human body?

This is a great blessing for the weak and emaciated people. Najir makes the body fat and symmetrical. Gives red and white color to the face. Figs are one of the most common and popular fruits. Figs are called figs in Bengali, figs in Arabic and figs in English, blues in Yemen, figs in Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati, and figs in Punjabi. Its botanical name is Fake Carica. It is one of the most delicate fruits in the world and thrives on ripening and cannot be preserved until the next day. By keeping it in the fridge, it explodes till evening. The best way to use it is to dry it. During drying, it is washed with sulfur to disinfect it and finally dipped in saltwater so that after drying, soft figs taste good.

That is why it is liked by people of all ages. It is especially popular in Arab countries. We also have it available in abundance and bring it to the market in the form of necklaces. It is mainly native to the Middle East and Asia. Although it is also found in the Indian subcontinent. But it was not found before the arrival of Muslims in the area. Therefore, it is believed that Muslim doctors from Arabia or Asia were brought here by the Mongols and Mughals from Chak. Figs contain protein, minerals, sugars, calcium, and phosphorus. Both figs, dry and wet, are rich in vitamins A and C. Vitamins B and D are in small amounts. In view of these ingredients, figs are a useful dietary medicine, so their use in general weakness and fever will have good results. Figs are also eaten as fruit and used as medicine. It is digestible and eliminates waste. Reduces heat intensity by expelling material. Opens the liver and spleen. The best type of fig is white. It dissolves and removes stones from the kidneys and bladder. Protects from the harmful effects of poison. Use figs in combination with almonds and walnuts. It protects against dangerous toxins. If the patient’s mouth becomes dry again and again in case of fever, placing his lap in the mouth relieves this problem. It has many benefits. It also has many benefits. * Boil figs in milk and tie them on the boils so that the boils break out quickly. * Soak the figs in water. Eat twice a day after flowering a few hours later, chronic constipation goes away. * If dried figs are left in water overnight, they will bloom like fresh figs. Eating it does not cause sore throat or constipation. * Dry figs in children on cold days are extremely useful for their development. * Figs are easily digested and perfect for teeth. * Figs are the perfect gift for those who are underweight and mentally active.

How beneficial fig is for the patient

* Eating figs protects a person from colic. * Eating a few figs after a meal not only provides nutrition but also eliminates constipation. * Also useful for cough, asthma, and mucus. * Eating figs eliminates bad breath. * Regular use of figs lengthens scalp hair. Put the figs in vinegar. Eating two or three figs a week later relieves spleen inflammation. * Using figs with milk brightens the complexion and makes the body fat. * Two to four drops of the milk that comes out of breaking fresh figs on the bursa removes stains. * Fig reduces the intensity of onions. * For those who do not sweat, the use of figs is useful. * Figs increase red blood cells and cleanse the blood by eliminating toxic substances. * People who suffer from the weak brain (brain weakness), eat breakfast in such a way that first eat three or four figs, then seven grains of almonds, a walnut kernel, a small cardamom seeds mixed with sugar and drink water Take. * Back pain is relieved by eating three or four figs daily. * Hemorrhoids can be treated with figs. Its use also eliminates chronic hemorrhoids. * Fenugreek seeds and figs are cooked in water and mixed with honey to reduce the severity of the cough. * Figs should be taken fresh and soft. Black and dry figs sometimes show white worms. Such figs are very harmful.

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