What is this meditation.

By | February 17, 2021

What is this meditationThe Benefits of Meditation in the Light of the Qur’an

Allah Almighty says in Surah Al-Imran: “Those who remember Allah, standing and sitting and lying on their backs and contemplating the creation of the heavens and the earth. Our Lord, You have not made it useless.”
If we devote some time to meditation after our extremely busy life and constant exhaustion of daily activities, we can be sure that our life can be very calm. Meditation not only relieves depression, stress, and anxiety but also helps us to understand ourselves. What you might call “self-knowledge.” But this is what meditation is all about. Let’s know

What is the meaning of meditation?

Meditation is a process in which meditation and contemplation are practiced. By the way, meditation means to meditate or concentrate on something. This means that we should be able to guard our mind in such a way that it is completely free from scattered thoughts and disturbing thoughts and focuses on a single point or thought. My own personal experience is that it gives me the perfect ability to “focus” where the mind and heart find coins, which is very helpful in resolving life’s confusion.

Choosing a place for meditation

Choosing a solitary, quiet, and calm place to meditate is very important, especially when you are planning to do it for the first time. Later, when you come to focus, the effect of the external environment begins to diminish. The best times are early in the morning or late at night. Well, there are ways to do this, but the important thing is how you feel about yourself. The easiest and most useful breathing meditation for everyone to do is meditation. In which by closing the eyes, leaving the body loose, first inhale slowly through both nostrils of the nose and expel it without stopping in the chest. Repeat this process of breathing as many times as you want according to your strength and power. In addition to breathing exercises, you can also focus your mind on the concept of God’s name, moon, flower, star, or landscape. Initially, five minutes of exercise will suffice for these exercises. As the period of mental oneness increases, so will the thoughts. And the benefit is that this mental concentration will highlight the positive faculties of the body and mind.
What if you have a separate room for meditation? If not here’s a new product just for you! Another thing that is very important is that the room should be clean. If the room is cluttered, upside down, and dirty, then there is no fun. This is my own experience.
Remember that meditation does not mean that your mind is clear of everything or that no thoughts come into your mind. If different thoughts come to mind during meditation, let them come. Instead of flinching, think about whatever thoughts come to your mind during meditation. Don’t worry about whether what you are doing or thinking is right or wrong.

The importance of meditation in different religions

From a religious point of view, the importance and usefulness of meditation can be seen in the various religions of the world. In China, Japan, and India, religious leaders, mystics, and saints have been urging meditation to develop abilities and physical healing. In addition, modern research in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany has emphasized the importance of meditation in order to focus, to adopt a positive attitude. If we Muslims, while praying and reciting the Qur’an, pay attention to the meaning, try to be one, then this is also the best meditation.
Meditation frees a person from negative thoughts, stress, etc., and when a person gets rid of negative thoughts and adopts a positive attitude, he is encouraged to deal with difficulties. While deep breathing brings peace and contentment during meditation, more oxygen in the lungs strengthens the heart. Improves blood circulation and calms the brain.
The bottom line is that even if you see a special and beautiful scene with open eyes. In the open air or lying on your bed, talking to yourself and indulging in your own thoughts, which will give you the ability to coin, they also understand that it is meditation. Because Allah Almighty says in Surah Al-Imran: “Those who remember Allah, standing and sitting and lying on their backs and contemplating the creation of the heavens and the earth. Our Lord, You have not made it useless.”

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