Poor Pakistani laborer Bashir Ahmed who was welcomed by US Vice President Lyndon Johnson.

By | February 18, 2021

Poor Pakistani laborer Bashir Ahmed who was welcomed by US Vice President Lyndon Johnson.US Vice President Lyndon Johnson visits Pakistan

It is said that there is no friendship between the two countries but the growing closeness between the two countries is only for the sake of their national interest which is called friendship. I know the Pakistani president who was received by US President John F. Kennedy himself – President Ayub Khan paid a visit to the US in 1961 and during this visit the US President drove in his car on the highways of New York City where thousands of Americans Pakistanis were present to greet the President – but did you know that besides President Ayub, there was another Pakistani who was greeted by the US Vice President himself at the airport – surprisingly, he was not a Pakistani. He was the head of Pakistan – neither a politician nor a soldier nor a billionaire businessman but an ordinary Pakistani laborer – the name of this ordinary Pakistani poor laborer was Bashir Ahmad Sarban and he drove camels in Karachi, Pakistan.
And never before in history has the Vice President of the United States gone to the airport to greet an ordinary Pakistani. At the same time, the post of US Vice President came to Landon Johnson. In the same year, US Vice President Landon Johnson visited Pakistan to further improve US-Pakistan relations.

Pakistani President Ayub Khan meets US Vice President Lyndon Johnson

During the visit, the US Vice President met with the then Pakistani President Ayub Khan – but the US Vice President’s visit became memorable and historic for some other reason – the US Vice President was present in Karachi during his visit. Karachi used to be an economic role model for the world.

US Vice President Lyndon Johnson meets with Bashir Ahmed

One day when the convoy of US Vice President Landon Johnson was passing through Karsaz Road in Karachi, a laborer Bashir Ahmed Sarban was also present on the road with his camel. Bashir Ahmed saw the convoy of the US Vice President from a distance. He shook hands and when the US Vice President saw Bashir Ahmed, he asked him to stop the vehicles and asked the Pakistani government official to introduce him to Bashir Ahmed.
After which Lyndon Johnson got out of the car and walked towards Bashir Ahmed. He asked Bashir Ahmed about his condition and at the same time offered him friendship. It was a very interesting situation. Bashir Ahmed accepted the offer while the US Deputy On his way back, the President invited Bashir Ahmed to come to the United States. Bashir Ahmed never imagined that he would ever go to the United States and he too became a guest of the US government because Bashir Ahmed Sarban was a poor laborer. Who made his living by riding camels – but the Vice President of the United States took this invitation and friendship very seriously.

Bashir Ahmed arrives in the US

Upon his arrival in the United States, the Vice President of the United States formally invited Bashir Ahmed to visit the United States in October 1961 – and when he arrived in the United States, he went to the airport to receive him. He was taken to Washington for a tour of the presidential palace, where he was taken to the office of US President John F. Kennedy. He also spoke at a school in the United States, where he was accompanied by an American. The Vice President’s wife and daughter were also present.
An interpreter was also present with Bashir Ahmed. During the visit, US Vice President Lyndon Johnson also took Bashir Ahmed to his private home where lunch was arranged. Not only was it especially halal for Bashir Ahmed on this occasion. The meat was ordered and items were prepared that could be eaten by hand so that Bashir Ahmed would not have any difficulty – in addition, the heads of four major US banks were present at the meal on another occasion, and all of them He also ate with his hands instead of forks and spoons. Bashir Ahmed was presented with a car by the Ford Motor Company. And in the United States, Bashir Ahmed’s hospitality was like that of a head of state. The visit of a Pakistani worker to the US was given full media coverage.

Offer to pay Umrah to Bashir Ahmed

After Bashir Ahmed’s return to Pakistan, the US Vice President sent him to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah and all the arrangements were made by Landon Johnson himself – US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, after which The then Vice President, Landon Johnson, became the 36th President of the United States – not much is known about this unparalleled friendship between Bashir Ahmed and Landon Johnson, but Bashir Ahmed has a unique story of his friends after his death on August 15, 1992. Left.

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