Interesting divorce rites and strange laws.

By | February 19, 2021

Interesting divorce rites and strange laws.You may have heard about the rituals performed on the occasion of marriage but there are some places in the world where there is a tradition of performing religious rituals even on the occasion of failure of marriage i.e. divorce and not only that but the world In many countries, there are strange laws regarding divorce. Let’s learn about these religious rites and strange laws through the Voice of America.

Interesting divorce rituals in the world

Regardless of the reasons for the failure of the marriage, the experience of breaking up a marriage is not a source of happiness for people, in which both parties have to enter into a divorce agreement and in accordance with the laws of their country. It has to be banned. The following is a list of some of the strangest divorces in the world.

Divorce toilet in the temple

There is a temple in Japan that offers its visitors a flurry of failed marriage toilets. The ‘Manto Koji Temple’ in the central Japanese province of Gonna gives couples who have gotten rid of marital relations the opportunity to write down all their grievances on a piece of paper and explain the reasons for the divorce, which are later flashed.

Divorce mourning in a German church

It was in 2000 when Margot Kissmann, a pastor in Germany, proposed divorce in all churches across the country. At his suggestion, a large-scale mourning ceremony was held in the churches on the occasion of the divorce. In these ceremonies, both parties inform friends and relatives of the reasons for the failure of their marriage.

Divorce certificate ominous

The Jing people are a minority ethnic group from China who have a specific method of divorce, according to which a divorce certificate cannot be signed at home and the pen and medicine are damaged immediately after signing. The omen is considered and thrown away.

Send love letters seven years later

In 2011, a campaign was launched by a government post office in China to encourage married couples to write a love letter, which would be sent to their spouse after seven years of marriage. In fact, the divorce rate in the country had to be reduced so that after seven years, the couple who received the love letter can remember once again the love that united them.

Strange divorce laws

Many countries in the world have strange divorce laws where getting a divorce is an incredible experience. The following are some of the strange rules.

Third-party damages for divorce

In the seven states of the United States, including New Mexico and Mississippi, a third party can be blamed for the failure of the marriage, and a third party who spoils the marriage may be fined heavily for the loss of the marriage. Probably, but the evidence is needed to substantiate this allegation.

Abuse of mother-in-law cannot be the cause of divorce

In the US state of Kansas, there is a law of divorce to prolong the marriage. Under which both the parties are not allowed to divorce each other if they have an abusive or bad relationship with the mother-in-law.

Humorous marriages are allowed to divorce

The U.S. state of Delaware has a divorce law that allows a person to file for divorce later if he or she marries for the sake of humor or condition. Doers are encouraged.

Divorce from another marriage upon marriage

In Australia, tribal women have the right to either persuade their husbands to divorce or remarry in order to get rid of the marriage, thus automatically canceling their first marriage.

It is not allowed to marry the same person for the fourth time

The US state of Kentucky allows you to marry the same person three times after a divorce, but state law does not allow you to marry the same person a fourth time.

Divorce granted for poisoning

In the US state of Tennessee, if your spouse tries to kill you, such as poisoning, your divorce may be granted.

Divorce due to mental disorder of husband

In New York, you can get a divorce if you can prove that your spouse is mentally unwell, but it requires that your spouse be mentally ill for at least five years during the marriage. Have been.

Divorce is impossible without the fault of the spouse

In order to get a divorce in the UK, it is necessary to mention the limitations of the spouse. Divorce is not accepted only on the basis of personal dislike. Yes, as a husband said in a divorce case, he wants to divorce his wife because she cooks fish every day.

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