Why oil drilling in Pakistani sea failed Shocking revelations.

By | February 21, 2021

Why oil drilling in Pakistani sea failed Shocking revelations.Kekra-1

Why did the crab forest on which 100 million dollars of the nation was poured and about which the Prime Minister of Pakistan kept dreaming sweet dreams suddenly shattered? Was there really no oil there or is the reality something else? Let’s try to find out this fact.

Drilling in the world of science

Today’s world is a world of amazing science. Whenever drilling is carried out, it is surveyed with the latest machinery. This survey is an X-ray of the subsoil, which shows the oil and gas reserves. It can be easily measured, but its quality is only assessed after drilling. Therefore, to say that ExxonMobil won the 100 million contract to install the world’s second-largest drilling rig would be based on estimates Is wrong There are 100 percent oil reserves but they were stopped under some external pressure. What was that pressure? We take a look at who owned it and what its goals were.

Two big mafias

Today’s world is not run by America or Europe but by two big mafias. One is the oil mafia and the other is the weapons mafia. The largest oil reserves are in the Gulf, but the majority of these reserves are held by American and European companies. These companies have formed such a vicious nexus that they currently want to keep the oil in the same area and sell it to the world at a higher price. So if oil comes out in other countries of the world, who will buy the expensive oil in the Gulf? Evaluate this by the fact that the United States itself is not able to use its own oil and is also forced to buy expensive oil from the Gulf. When the United States opened up shale oil reserves, the mafia lowered the price of oil from 14 145 a barrel to just 30 barrels, with the result that the companies that had invested in shale gas went bankrupt because of shale gas extraction. But the cost was  50 dollars per barrel.

Canada refined the soil and extracted oil

When Canada started extracting oil by clearing the soil, it became the second-largest oil producer after Saudi Arabia, but the cost was high here too, so this mafia also forced Canada to its knees.

Mafia rule under President Obama

When President Obama took office, the first briefing he was given was that the United States was on the brink of alternative energy. The trillion-dollar debt will be repaid, but eight years later, Obama has not found the key to alternative energy because the companies that had a monopoly on oil were not allowing the research to proceed. Probably very few people know that research in the United States is also in the hands of the private sector and it is the private companies that invest and introduce new technologies. Today the solar panel works at 16 or 18%. If this panel starts working at 40%, then the power lines, grid stations, and powerhouses will disappear from the world and all the vehicles will shift to solar power. A German company tested 47% two years ago but then suddenly declared itself bankrupt and disappeared. The Tesla company that introduced electric vehicles and said that it could move the whole world to solar is facing the sword of bankruptcy.

One of the reasons for not extracting oil from Pakistan’s seas is geo-strategic

Another reason for not extracting oil from Pakistan’s seas is geo-strategic. For the last ten years, Pakistan has been trapped in a debt trap so that its nuclear program can be rolled back. The declining reputation of the rupee and the harsh conditions imposed by international institutions are also aimed at leading the country towards economic anarchy. In these circumstances, how can it be that the form of oil in the hands of Pakistan is ten to fifteen billion? The dollar should be given an annual lottery, so ExxonMobil was first asked to open Crab One to meet the shortage of Iranian oil in the world market, but then suddenly the US and regional oil powers settled the matter and stopped ExxonMobil Ordered to give.

Why vertical drilling was started by stopping straight drilling on Crab One

From the day when vertical drilling was started by stopping direct drilling on Crab One, the acquaintances began to understand that there was something black in the lentils because a vein called Mianwala One was installed in Pindi Gheeb ten years ago today. Asia’s largest oil reserves The pressure of oil and gas was so high that the safety valve of the rig burst and the village was evacuated. Then high-pressure valves were made to special order from the USA. Limited supplies were also resumed and a pipeline to the oil refinery was spared, but two years later the well, which had Asia’s largest reserves, was abruptly shut down. It is also worth considering why American and European companies and the Pakistani companies that drill with them fail and why the success rate is higher among the Chinese companies that are drilling.

Cakra-1 has vast oil reserves

Cakra-1 has vast oil reserves and the dreams that were shown to the Prime Minister of Pakistan in this regard were 100% right but it seems that some forces do not want to see Pakistan as strong or weak. There is Brahman in the important place. We need to dang under our manjhi.

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