Why are the alphabets on the keyboard random?

By | February 24, 2021

Why are the alphabets on the keyboard random.Most of us use a keyboard almost daily, whether it’s an office computer keyboard or a smartphone. But have you ever wondered why the end keyboards are not in alphabetical order, that is, why ‘A’ is followed by ‘S’ and ‘D’ instead of ‘B’ and ‘C’?
“You may or may not know, but the current keyboard is called QWERTY, which is made up of six words on the top left of the keyboard,” Dawn said in an informative report.

Christopher Latham Schulz

The keyboard was invented in the 1870s by Christopher Latham Schulz, one of the founders of the original typewriters.
But why did they keep the words random instead of alphabetically in the keyboard layout?
The world’s first keyboard was patented in 1868, with a keyboard in the English alphabet similar to the piano keys.
But its keys were often frozen or jammed because the most widely used characters were very close to each other.
Therefore, it is thought that in view of this difficulty, Christopher Schulz developed a QWERTY keyboard, in which the most used words were moved to different places to avoid mechanical problems.

Agreement with Remington

Schulz signed a deal with Remington, a company that made the keyboard part of its popular typewriter Remington Number Two.
The top line of the keyboard contains all the words that are used to write the keyboard.
However, two researchers offer a different view of the current keyboard, stating that typewriters were initially used by telegraph operators to write messages received in Morse code on a keyboard based on the correct alphabet. They used to get confused while typing, which is why the keyboard was designed this way.
Whatever the reason, the keyboard layout has been adopted for computers as well as smartphone keyboards.

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