9 Bodies that are preserved even after thousands of years.

By | March 2, 2021

9 Bodies that are preserved even after thousands of years.

It is a common saying that after death a person is buried in the dust and becomes dust, but there are people in the world who are not accepted by the dust even after death and their bodies are in perfect condition even after thousands of years. are present.

1. Saint Betina Zita Bodies

Saint Betina Zita dead bodies.St. Zeta, a Catholic, died in 1272. St. Zeta spent his entire life helping people. It is said that when he died, a shining star became a canopy over his house, after which he was buried with full honors. However, after 308 years, his body was removed from his grave. When he was taken out, people were surprised to see that his body was in perfect condition. St. Zeta was crowned in 1696. His body can still be seen in his native Basilica di San Frediano in Italy.

2. John Turington Bodies

John TuringtonThe British officer died of poisoning in 1846. He was only 22 at the time, but when scientists dug his grave 138 years later, they were surprised to find that his body was in perfect condition.

3. La Doncilla’s Bodies

La Doncilla'sLa Doncilla’s body was discovered in the western United States about five hundred years ago. Experts say the woman died of freezing temperatures. Archaeologists have acknowledged that they have not seen the body in a better condition.

4. Dashi Dorzo Atigolov Bodies

Dashi Dorzo AtigolovThe Buddhist monk died in 1927. He bequeathed at the time of his death that he should be buried in a state of meditation and that his body should be exhumed after many years. When Dashi Dorzo Atigolov’s Buddhist monks, respecting his wishes, exhumed him from his tomb in 1955, they were surprised to find that his spiritual leader’s condition had not changed. Dashi Dorzo Atigolov was in exactly the same condition as he was buried. Buddhist monks placed the body as a relic and placed it in a temple where it can be seen by ordinary people.

5. Lady Xin Zhui’s Bodies

Lady Xin Zhui's bodyLady Xin Zhui’s body is considered one of the best-embalmed bodies in the world. Lady Zhen Zhui, also known as Lady Dai, died in 163 BC. Lady Zhen Zhui was the wife of a famous politician of her time. When his tomb was discovered in 1972, his body was in perfect condition and had been embalmed. The woman is said to have died of a heart attack.

6. Rosalia Lombardo Bodies

Rosalia LombardoRosalia Lombardo of Sicily died of pneumonia in 1920 at the age of just two. Her father was very unwell at the time of her death and she was not coming to China, so she contacted a body specialist who saved her body with various medicines. ۔ Rosalia’s body is still preserved today, and it is hard to imagine that she died almost a century ago.

7. Vladimir Lenin Bodies

Vladimir LeninThis famous politician from the Soviet Union died in 1924. Vladimir Lenin left an indelible mark on world politics. He is revered not only in Russia but all over the world. The then Soviet government decided to preserve the body of Vladimir Lenin so that future generations would not forget this great leader. His body can still be seen in a glass box in the Russian capital today. Specialists give special injections to protect the body.

8. Tolland Man Bodies

Tolland Man mummyScientists say the man, who hails from Denmark, died about four BC. Tolondman’s body was discovered in 1950.

9. Otzi Mummy Bodies

otzi dead bodyExperts say Otzi died between 3105 and 3359. But nature saved his body for future generations. Otzi’s body was discovered in the snowy mountains of Italy. Otz is considered to be the oldest corpse in Europe. When the body was found, he was dressed in Stone Age clothing and had tools made of stone in his hand.

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