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By | March 12, 2021

April Fool's Day When did April Fool's Day begin-Theselfinfo.comApril Fool’s Day begins

April Fool’s Day is a festival of practical jokes and foolishness. Its special day is the first of April. It started in Europe [citation needed] and is now popular all over the world. Dutch and French sources from 1508 to 1539 indicate that the festival was held in these parts of Western Europe. It became common practice in Britain in the early eighteenth century.


In fact, by the end of the sixteenth century, until 1564, the new year began at the end of March. People used to exchange gifts on New Year’s Eve. When the King of France ordered a change in the calendar so that the new year would begin in January instead of March, many people were unaware of the change due to the underdeveloped media, and it was only on April 1 that the new year began. The celebrations of the year continued and the exchange of gifts continued. That’s why those who knew about this change made fun of him. And they started calling him April Fool’s satire. Gradually it became a tradition and now this day is celebrated regularly all over the world. Some people think so, but April Fools has nothing to do with Muslims.

Relation of the Iranian calendar with April Fool’s

Even today, according to the Iranian calendar, the new year begins on March 21. Nowruz is celebrated in Iran on the first day of the year, the largest festival of Iranians, although it has no religious significance. It was celebrated only in the joy of the departure of winter and the arrival of spring, as no crops grew in the winter and no fodder was available for the cattle. The Iranian calendar has been in use in Europe for some time. The twelve months of astrology and constellations are in fact the old names of the Iranian months, and they begin and end on the same dates. Leap years add one day to the end of the last month of the Iranian calendar, and so do the constellations. And that’s why the extra day of leap in the English calendar is before March, rather than at the beginning or end of the year, to minimize the difference from the Iranian calendar.

The reality of April Fool’s

April is derived from the Latin word April is or aprire which means blooming flowers, sprouting buds, the ancient Roman nation worshiped the god of wine at the arrival of spring, and to please him people used to drink wine and go out. These lies have gradually become an important part of April Fool’s Day. According to Encyclopedia International, April 1 is considered a day of practical jokes in Western countries. On this day, all kinds of obscene acts are tolerated. People are fooled by jokes. This absurd and foolish ritual has become an important and necessary part of Muslim society and Muslims celebrate a day of rejoicing over the destruction and ruin of their own Muslim brothers and sisters and their own Muslim brothers. They make fools and put them in trouble and trouble.

The painful reality of April Fools

When the Christian armies conquered Spain, so much blood was shed on Spanish soil that when the horses of the victorious army passed through the streets, their legs were drenched to the knees in the blood of the Muslims when the occupying forces believed. Now that no Muslim is still alive in Spain, he gave the captured Muslim Farma Rawa the opportunity to return with his family to Morocco, where his ancestors had come from. Occupying forces occupied a hill about 20 kilometers from Granada. But she left and went back. When the Christian forces drove the Muslim rulers out of their country, the government spies kept wandering the streets to see if any Muslims were to be martyred. The Muslims who survived left their areas and went to other areas. Settle and go there and put crosses around your necks and take the Christian name, now apparently no Muslims were seen in Spain but Christians still believed that not all Muslims were killed and are alive by hiding something and hiding their identities. Now the tricks to get the Muslims out began to be thought of and then a plan was devised. It was announced throughout the country that on April 1, all Muslims should gather in Granada to be sent to the countries they want to go to. Now that peace had been established in the country and Muslims had no fear of appearing, Announcements continued throughout the month, tents were set up in large squares near Al-Hamra and ships anchored at the port, Muslims were assured in every possible way that they would not be told anything when Muslims were convinced that now something was with us. If not, they all started gathering in Granada. In the same way, the government gathered all the Muslims in one place and took care of them. About five hundred years ago, on April 1, when all the Muslims were put on a ship, the Muslims were having trouble leaving their homeland, but they were satisfied that they would be spared. On the other hand, the Christian rulers began to celebrate in their palaces. The generals said goodbye to the Muslims and the ships left. The Muslims included the old, the young, the women, the children, and many patients. When the ships reached the middle of the sea, they were submerged in the deep water as planned. And so all the Muslims slept in the sea forever. Then there was a great celebration in Spain about how we fooled our enemies. Then this day crossed the borders of Spain and became the great day of victory in the whole of Europe and it was called First April Fool in English, meaning the fool of April 1st. Even today the Christian world remembers this day with great care and People are fooled by lying.

The April Fools have the following disadvantages

۔ Participating in the joy of enemies
۔ Would have sunk into hypocrisy
۔ Lying and dying
۔ Getting the wrath of Allah
۔ Celebrating the destruction of Muslim brothers and sisters
۔ Putting Muslim brothers and sisters in trouble
۔ Destruction is destruction in this world and in the hereafter.

The reality of April Fools in different religions

The Encyclopedia of Britannica sheds light on its historical significance in various ways. Some authors say that in France, the seventeenth century began in April instead of January. The Romans considered this month sacred by attributing it to their goddess Venus. Since this was the first day of the year, they would happily celebrate this day as a celebration and would make fun of each other to express their happiness. This is what happened on April Fool’s Day. One reason for this is that the weather changes from March 21. Some people have interpreted these changes in such a way that (excuse me) nature is fooling us by making fun of us (ie sometimes it gets cold and sometimes it gets hot), this fluctuation of weather is caused by nature. So people started fooling each other at that time. One of the reasons given in the Encyclopedia of Russia is that when the Jews arrested Jesus Christ and brought him to the Roman court, he was mocked, ridiculed, mocked, and ridiculed by the Romans and the Jews. They were first brought to the court of the Jewish chiefs and then sent to the court of Pilate for judgment. This is just a joke. The Bible recounts this incident when people arrested Jesus Christ. They used to make fun of him and slap him in the face with their eyes closed and ask him to tell them who hit you and taunted him and said many things against him. (Mu’adhullah) Faridi Wajdi’s Arabic encyclopedia also sheds light on these details, and according to him, the real reason for the April Fool’s Day is that it is a monument to the mockery and persecution of Jesus Christ. It should be noted that mockery is against Islamic teachings. In Islamic law, no one is allowed to make fun of another person and no party is allowed to make fun of another party. Muslims should be more careful, but alas for the Muslims who have been honored with the good of the Ummah, and today despite the Prophet’s explicit opposition to Jews and Christians, they are still their eternal enemy, the Jews, and Christians. They are embracing all the customs, practices, and fashions of the world with great generosity while they are in dire need of avoiding and taking precautions. It is noteworthy that today’s Muslims are so fascinated by Western ideas and ideologies that they see every stage of development in following the West. It considers it necessary to imitate every word and deed that has become common in the West, regardless of whether it is in favor of or against Islamic thought. Even this intimidating Muslim tries to adopt their religious motto. “April Fool. “It is also one of the few customs and traditions in which people’s lives and property are harmed on the basis of false news. Ugly and ugly acts are not avoided without caring for the dignity of humanity. There are innumerable corruptions in it, both religiously and morally, which are reprehensible not only from a religious point of view but also from a rational and moral point of view. History of April Fool’s Day: If April Fool’s Day is seen in the mirror of history, it is clear that it is based on Islam and anti-Muslim sentiments. Historically, it is clear that when the Christians recaptured Spain, the blood of the Muslims was shed profusely. Finally, exhausted, King Ferdinand publicly declared that the lives of the Muslims were not safe here and that we had decided to settle them in another Islamic country. For the Muslims who want to go there, a ship has been arranged which will leave them on Islamic land. With this announcement of the government, a large number of Muslims boarded the ship in the interest of the Islamic country. When I arrived, Ferdinand’s soldiers drilled a hole in the ship and escaped safely. The whole ship sank as soon as I saw it. The Christian world rejoiced at this and praised Ferdinand for this mischief. It was April 1st. Today this day is celebrated in the Western world in remembrance of the drowning of Muslims. This is the reality of April Fool’s Day! It is not permissible for Muslims to celebrate April Fool’s Day because there are many evils in it that are illegal and haraam. It bears a resemblance to non-Muslims and the hadeeth says مَنْ تَشَبَّهَ بِقَوْمٍ فَهُوَ مِنْهُمْ (Sunan Abi Dawood, no. 4033) that whoever imitates a nation is one of them. It is feared that they will end up with the Jews and Christians on the Day of Judgment. The hadeeth is: َّنَّ الصِّدْقَ بِرٌّ, وَنَّ البِرَّ يَهْدِي الِلَى جَنَّةّةَ وَإَنَّ كَذِبَ فُجُورٌ, And sin leads to the fire. In fact, in a blessed hadith, lying is considered a sign of a hypocrite: Ayat-ul-Munafiq-e-Thalath إ َاِذَا حَدَّثَ كَذَبَ وَإِذَا Translation: There are three signs of a hypocrite. When he speaks, he lies, when he promises, he breaks, and when he is entrusted, he betrays.On this day, on the basis of lies, sometimes false rumors are spread about others, due to which their honor is reduced to dust. This is in your country, this is in your city, this (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Hadith No. 1739). On this day, others are also intimidated in-jokes, which can sometimes prove fatal. This can be gauged from the April 2 newspapers. There are several flaws in this verb. Therefore, all Muslims should avoid this ugly act themselves and others as well and the government of the day should also play its role in banning it.

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