Control the brain:Sports are also dangerous for the human brain.

By | March 25, 2021

Control the brain. Sports are also dangerous for the human brainMen’s brains are 10% heavier than women’s, but men are not as intelligent because of their larger brains.
Blueberries and walnuts not only improve memory but also protect against Alzheimer’s.
Laughter has a pleasant effect on the brain.
Excessive use of mobile phones is not only extremely harmful to the brain but can also lead to brain cancer.

How beneficial sports are for the brain

Sport is actually a beneficial activity for health. But for years, constant and excessive stressful sports can be harmful, especially to the brain. That sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Many football players also suffer from the same disease and the cause is constant head strokes. Headaches in football are not as dangerous as in American football or ice hockey. But even seemingly harmless shocks can be harmful. If you want to keep your mind safe, then you should also avoid playing ice hockey. Boxer syndrome has also been found in several ice hockey players. Whether the collision is intentional or accidental, the fact is that constant tremors trigger an increase in the number and amount of dangerous proteins in the brain. Helmets do not provide complete protection. He denied that athletes could suffer from boxer syndrome. Now a few rules have been changed to minimize concussions. Scientists are currently working on a magnetic helmet that will help weaken the shock force. Boxer Syndrome is a disease that affects not only boxers but also American football players. Often found. According to the research journal Science, the brains of the players of the National Football League suffer more than 600 concussions in a single season. Even athletes’ helmets can’t protect their brains from being affected. Doctors call boxing syndrome a disease that can damage the brain by playing high-pressure sports. The name implies that constant shaking of the head affects the brain. The result is poor memory, difficulty speaking, suicidal thoughts, and eventually dementia. The disease was first found in a boxer, hence its name. Wrestling is not just a show, but the constant injuries in the sport have really damaged the brains of many wrestlers. Canadian wrestler Chris Benoit committed suicide by shooting himself at the age of 40. In the last few years, scientists have learned many wonders of the human body but have not been able to unravel the mysteries of the brain. At present, new secrets are being revealed to the experts due to the scientific research done under the latest technology. As you know about sports, here are some amazing revelations. When a person tries to remember something, it takes a while. In such a situation, some people call their memory bad, even though it is not the fault of the poor mind. Our brain is actually a collection of 100 billion nerve cells and when we try to remember something, our commands run at a rate of 5 to 120 meters per second in the brain, so it takes a while for the brain to execute the commands. ۔ Another interesting thing is that the human brain weighs only 3 pounds, but this organ of ours uses 20% of physical energy while performing its activities.

Internet use and the human brain

Researchers at Columbia University in the United States in 2011 found that people pay less attention to memory and more attention to memory when using the Internet, but that it weakens the brain and makes people forget many things. ۔ To avoid this situation, we should pay more attention to thinking. A few months ago, Dutch experts conducted a unique experiment in which they called out the names of burgers, chicken, and chips in front of 5 people. During this time, the same parts of the listener’s brain became active, which also stimulates the minds of drug users. According to experts, this stimulus is caused by the hormone “dopamine” which produces excitement and pleasure in human beings. On the other hand, experts say that childhood songs are always safe in the memory of man. An experiment conducted in 2010 revealed that when a person listens to a song he heard in his childhood again, many pleasant memories are refreshed in his mind and his mood also improves.
Modern research has also shown that the foremost part of the human brain, called the “frontal polar cortex”, can predict the future by drawing conclusions from past experiences. In other words, man does not have a superhuman power mentally but is able to make short-term predictions based on experience.

Effects of computer games on the human brain

During an experiment on computer games, experts kept 20 children engaged in computer-aided mental games for three months. During this time children began to perform some activities better, but experts concluded that brain games do not have a positive effect on memory or work and learning abilities while listening to music sharpens memory. According to research conducted at Stanford University in the United States, people who listen to music do their work in an organized manner, pay attention to it, make predictions and even update their memory.

Brain weight in men and women

In terms of weight, men’s brains are 10% heavier than women’s, but men don’t need to be overjoyed, because according to experts, big brains don’t make men smarter, but only enable them to Be able to perform physical tasks better.

Research on the human brain, according to experts

Experts say that between the ages of 20 and 28, a person’s mental abilities are at their peak, meaning that the brain is in its infancy, while after the age of 28, memory begins to weaken, but the brain abilities remain intact to a certain extent. Experiments have shown that the human brain begins to decline after 45 years, so experts suggest that certain foods, such as blueberries and walnuts, are useful for keeping the brain and mental faculties strong. In addition to improving memory, they also protect against Alzheimer’s disease. These foods actually increase the levels of a specific hormone in the brain called “acetylcholine” which improves memory.

The effects of the mobile phone on the human brain

Recent research has shown that excessive use of mobile phones is not only extremely harmful to the brain but can also lead to brain cancer. In addition, excessive use of mobile phones causes sleep and anxiety problems, so experts suggest using a headset or earpiece instead of using a mobile phone directly. It is important for us to get a good night’s sleep, as this strengthens our memory. Some parts of our brain are still awake during sleep. During this time, these parts process our memories and erase unimportant memories.

Optimistic and frustrated people

Research has also shown that optimists live longer than disappointed people, but fortunately, our genes play only a 30-40% role in shaping life. That is why we should focus on adopting a hopeful attitude instead of despair so that we can gradually change our minds and live a positive life. In addition, experts say that 30 minutes of daily meditation for six weeks strengthen the parts of the brain that are related to memory, self-awareness, empathy, and stress. The best way to meditate is to keep repeating a soothing word in your heart so that disturbing thoughts do not attack the brain, or at some point during the day, focus your full attention on the respiratory system so that the thoughts remain focused.
Many people think that by staying busy in the office or at home, we will stay healthy and fit due to our activities, but an office or home engagement cannot be a substitute for exercise, which is very useful for the brain. Exercise refreshes the brain and protects against many diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Experts say that at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. The method is to not miss any opportunity to walk, climb stairs, and do other activities in which the body moves.
According to experts, beneficial nutrients for the brain include omega-3 acids, choline, complex starch, and antioxidants. Omega-3 acids increase the brain’s intellectual capacity, while choline is a type of vitamin B found in eggs and other foods. This vitamin reduces physical fatigue, increases mental alertness, improves memory, and relieves stress. In addition, complex starches and antioxidants also improve brain function.

The effect of excessive laughter on the human brain

Recent experiments have shown that when a person hears laughter or laughter, it has a pleasant effect on the 2 main parts of the brain “Amy Gadala” and the hippocampus. Both of these factors cause stress “depression” in humans. In addition, laughter or laughter also stimulates the part of the brain “accumulation”, which in fact gives rise to happy emotions in man. The laughter stops the production of stress hormones in humans and lowers blood temperature. As a result of this process, a person can get rid of heart attack and stroke. An experiment conducted at the University of Washington a few months ago revealed that listening to children’s laughter and jokes increases the amount of a hormone called “oxytocin”. This hormone increases our sense of happiness. This is probably why videos of children laughing are often very popular on the Internet.
It is important to pay attention to high blood pressure to maintain good mental health. High blood pressure or hypertension is a dangerous disease of the modern age that many people do not take seriously, although it puts immense pressure on both the heart and the brain and weakens them. Therefore, it is important to treat and control high blood pressure. In addition, for the past three years, New York University experts have been researching how diabetics who do not control their blood sugar are adversely affected. The results of a study conducted in June 2012 revealed that diabetes gradually weakens the brain, so it is important for diabetics to control the disease and keep their blood sugar levels in moderation. His brain had become like that of an eighty-five-year-old Alzheimer’s patient. If you want to live a happy life for a long time, control your brain.

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