Burj Khalifa will Disappear from the Magic.

By | April 1, 2021

Burj Khalifa will disappear from the magic.Dubai‘s Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building that tourists come from far and wide to enjoy the beauty of this magnificent building. Now a magician has made an interesting announcement about this ‘Burj Khalifa’ which has surprised some people and disturbed others. Dr. Muntasir Al Mansoor, a magician from Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, has made the startling claim that if he finds a sponsor, he will make Burj Khalifa disappear for a few seconds. Al-Mansour reiterated his claim that he could make the Burj Khalifa disappear. In his words: “I can hide from the Burj Khalifa for three seconds, but only if someone sponsors me.” I want to do this magic in December. If a sponsor is ready, then everyone will see this magic of mine. “Dr. Muntasir is the first Arab citizen to win the Merlin Award, considered the Oscar for magic.” The award is given annually by the International Society of Magicians based in the United States. Dr. Al-Mansour says that he has performed 70,000 magic shows on stage in 26 years.

History of Magic

If you look at history, the name of the hero Nimes Bosque is still alive today in terms of magic tricks. Then came the famous magicians, Jean Hodge, Robert Houdin, the first modern magician to invent modern magic tricks, and in 1840 he built the Magic Theater in Paris, where he mastered the art of mechanics. He also used very modern equipment with the help of engineers. Later, the British magic master JN McLean played an important role in the promotion of this art. In 1873 a regular hall was built for it in London. All the magic tools were provided in this hall. Notable for nineteenth-century magic is Harry Haddoni, whose stage name was Robert Haddoni, who introduced a long list of new tricks to New York and around the world. He naturally possessed some of these abilities. ۔ He received special acclaim in the field of stage stunts. Because his mind was always busy preparing new and modern tricks.

Magic of Perfection

He introduced many new principles of magic. For example, the Paper Ghost, used in the 19th century, became very popular and disappeared through the spectacle deception in modern farms, such as the Taj Mahal. There are seven types of magic that are widely used in performing magic and are used more or less all over the world. The first trick is called production. An inanimate object, such as a hat, is used to enchant a rabbit or other animal. The second most popular trick is to make a coin disappear with your fingers in the magic master’s cue or to keep a bird in a cage and clap to make it disappear. Or closing a handkerchief in a fist and the handkerchief disappearing when the hand is touched. The third track, which is very popular, is for a magician to call one of the audience and hand him a card. Then take the card from his hand and divide it into two and thus make a rod of three or more. Since all this happens to one of the spectators, it is important for them to believe in such tricks, but all this is due to hand washing. The fourth type of trick is to connect broken pieces by magic.

Divide the rope into two pieces

Dividing a rope into two pieces, tying it with a knot, and then using magic to make that knot disappear. The fifth type involves changing the shapes of objects through magic. The sixth type involves the Magic Master hanging his stunt in the air. ۔ In addition, most forms of magic have existed since ancient times, and performers from the royal court to the present stage have performed their art. But it is better to keep one’s art a secret than to clean one’s hands, which these magicians make disciples of. They are also instructed to keep this art a secret. Otherwise, their individuality will be lost. Modern magic “David Coo Field” is unique in its magic because it does not perform any magic tricks but can hang itself in the air without any support despite gravity. Are That is why he has been named the “Flying Man” of the world.

David Cooper Field

David Copperfield is from the United States and claims that he cannot travel freely in the air. Even long walls can cross the road to China in a matter of seconds without any support. It is not easy for any intelligent person to believe in a person who can fly in the air without any support. The man who flew to Ho Chi Minh City is a native of the United States and is known as David Cooper Field. He was born in September 1956 in New Jersey. From the beginning, he was interested in performing the art of magic and at the age of 12, he performed magic tricks. Due to his strange feats, the American Magic Society recognized David as the master of magic. His name was regularly registered in this organization. As a master of his craft, David rose to prominence and, at the age of sixteen, played a magical role in the 1980 horror film “Terror Train” in New York.

David Cooper Field Magic

According to one expert, David has supernatural powers. David disappears in front of thousands of people, but there is still a question mark in people’s minds as to how David does all this. Thanks to David’s ability, an effort was made in 1982 to use his power to rehabilitate people with disabilities. Under the program, the American Occupational Therapy Association launched the David Rehabilitation Disability Program to help people with disabilities in a network of 1,000 hospitals. David started this work under the name “Magic Underground”. It was primarily a high-tech video system for which special places were reserved for the thousands of people involved in performing the magic. But David’s special ability in the field of disability sets him apart from other magicians. In addition to the stage, he is showing his full potential in real life. According to David, once some robbers tried to rob him. Attempts were made to extort money from his two assistants and David, and he was handcuffed at gunpoint, but his assistants did not know what to do. He grabbed the hands of both assistants and disappeared into the air. That way, his wallet, cell phone, and passport are safe. David Copperfield has a complete history of this art. This is why he is considered to be the famous magician of the present and the future. Due to his ability to fly and disappear, David is currently maintaining his uniqueness all over the world and he acquired this art after a long period of hard work and exercise. Is. He has many skills that can help him discover new magic tricks, but he doesn’t want to share any of his accomplishments. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. There are people all over the world who appreciate his art. Magic is both an ancient art and a knowledge. Modern-day magicians are primarily experts in hand and eye hygiene. The knowledge of magic is now almost confined to the book world. India has always been at the forefront of magical feats. His sadhus and yogis keep showing their miracles. But now it has become an art form.

Prakash Maun Karve

Prakash Maun Karve does not seem to be a magician. He works as an anesthesiologist at a Mumbai hospital. Still, he takes some time off from work to satisfy his passion. When Prakash shows his magic with a few coins or playing cards, his doctors, patients, and even medical students work with him. And the students and the little ones in the hospital are all stunned. Prakash is 58 years old and he says with a smile that the shifts of nurses in the hospital keep changing, so I always find one or another group of spectators, which amazes me, my hobby is fulfilled. At the same time, the mental stress of the viewers should be reduced. But in India, which is changing rapidly, magic and sorcery are also changing rapidly. Because the middle class is expanding rapidly in this second-largest country in terms of population in the world and the standards of entertainment of the people are also facing change.

According to Prakash Maun Karve, the reality of Magic

Prakash Maun Karve says that now people’s preferences have changed. Now even an ordinary Indian magician is facing different situations. Prakash says: “As much as magic is practiced in the world today, a large part of it has been given by India. The history of magic in India is very ancient. It is also mentioned in the ancient Deomalai history of Hinduism. ”Another magical temple is the Patil. Mandir Patil, who runs the ‘House of Magic’ with his wife in Mumbai, India’s commercial hub, says that traditional magic in India, in which the address of a hand-washing card was missing, is now disappearing. Is. But still, there are many artists performing their art on the streets in this society even today, who earn their livelihood from this profession and who are keeping this art alive in one way or another. Professionals in India There is also a national organization of magicians, founded in 1932, and today considered the oldest national organization in the field. The organization is called the Society of Indian Magicians and Mander Patil is a former president of the society. He says there are many professional magic training centers in India that keep the art alive. ۔ According to Mandir Patil, art is declining in India, but as long as ordinary people continue to marvel at the magic of sorcerers, which has always been and always will be in every society, as an art. Witchcraft will remain, and so will magicians. Kerala’s magician Gopinath Nath Mathokar has been awarded the International Merlin Award for Outstanding Service to Art Kwan. He has become the second Indian to receive the award after the PC government. The Oscar-winning award in the world of magic is being given by the International Society of Wizards of America to magicians who have made significant contributions nationally and internationally. Every year a great festival of magic is held in Rome under the name of Super Magic. The most acclaimed international festival of magic is a unique theatrical event. This includes the opportunity to celebrate beauty, to experience the magic of living with poetry, magic skills, and research. To celebrate, a new cast of some of the world’s most famous artists is selected, Arthur Trace being a modern American operator. Otto Wessely, an Austrian magician, and former world champion performs the largest show in the world in Las Vegas. He has also performed in Paris. He is considered to be the greatest visual comedian in the world. In ancient Europe, there was once an epidemic of panic, caused by witchcraft, and for three whole centuries, European life was plagued by cynicism, dominated by this strange and painful fear. It is a fact that witchcraft is believed to be practiced all over the world to some extent, but such insanity was seldom seen even on the heads of savage nations, though in Europe by the end of the thirteenth century. There was no such thing. In this regard, the attitude of the church (which is very important as an institution to the extent of evil) was very distrustful and relatively tolerant. For example, the Pope at the time prevented the “Holy Office” from taking over the issue of punishing so-called witches. This change came in the coming century and in the early fifteenth century, after a papal edict, horror stories based on the movements of witches began to be heard in every section of society. Malleus Maleficarum, a famous book published in Cologne in the late fifteenth century, elaborated and elaborated on the whole theory of witchcraft, thus setting the stage for the tragedy that has plagued almost all Christian countries. I was presented. The whole idea was formed in the minds of theologians and jurists, and the victims were persecuted until they “confessed” to what the authors thought. Although there were enlightened people who knew to some extent why this miracle happened, in the eighteenth century and beyond, witchcraft was sometimes considered a troubling problem.

The Reality of Magic in the Eighteenth Century

As the dominance of sorcery waned in the eighteenth century, it was replaced by another domination, the dominance of nudity, the source of which was surprisingly the same, namely, crooked religious ideas. It seemed that this pre-human thirst for fear needed something for itself and so when the witchcraft lost its horrors, this new black cruelty of nudity worked for her in the same way. In this case, the thirteenth-century witch hunters are, of course, half the size of today’s nudity hunters. The dazzling halo around the witch used to have really harmful effects, just as we now create a halo of attraction around the nudity that gives it an effect that it would not otherwise have. Richard Wiseman has a Ph.D. in psychology on the subject of deception? He used to practice magic in the past and used to amaze onlookers with his perfections. He says that very small changes in daily life can bring a great deal of peace and happiness. Based on the results of several studies published in scientific journals, he has suggested a few simple and easy principles for living a happy and successful life. In his book, he details topics such as work, relationships, attention, decision making, and stress. The popularity of Harry Potter is also due to magic. Harry Potter star Daniel Redcliffe has a new desire to be a hero in the James Bond movie, not a villain. As a child, he is a favorite actor. Now that he is 23 years old, he has seen the springs and wants to erase the imprint of Harry Potter from himself. Shroud to bring about unnatural manifestations of magic or events. This knowledge has entered the faith of the people of every nation at every age. And different people have been claiming it everywhere. Priests of ancient Egypt based their worship and religion on this claim. So sacrifices were made on the basis of magic. In ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Vedic, and other traditions, magic was also thought to be the source of the gods’ power. In Europe, however, the practice of spreading Christianity continued. There are still doctors in Africa who treat with magic. Black knowledge or black magic is a means of connecting with jinn, gods, and demons. And white knowledge, that is, white magic is associated with good spirits and angels. In addition, natural magic enables you to dispose of natural phenomena. Raml, Jafar, Jutsu, and Najoom are also its branches. Which are based on superstition. We also recognize the magic in many forms. Such as amulets, hooligans, jinn, and ghosts clinging and taking off, etc. In today’s advanced age, all these things are called nothing but superstition.

British Magician “Dynamo”

The British magician “Dynamo” is famous all over the world for his various tricks. He performed an amazing stunt on the streets of London. He flew out of a double-decker into the air from Millbank to Westminster Bridge via Parliament Square. Dozens of people on the streets saw his amazing feat. Maybe this was a miracle of confinement. Horror and thriller films have always been made in Bollywood but in the past, such films were considered to be of secondary importance. Usually, lesser-known actors worked in these films and their budget was also limited. There were very few films made on the themes of such scary and supernatural forces with leading actors in the cast. However, horror and magic movies have been popular in India. The reason is that witchcraft is common in Hindu society. “Ek Thi Dine” is a new film in the series. Saif Ali Khan and Kanal Khimo’s film “Go, Goa, Gone” is a similar film. Is. The story revolves around men who come to life under the influence of a supernatural force. In English, they are called zombies. Countless films have been made on the subject in the West, but the subject is still new to Hindi cinema. Human rights groups oppose it, saying that people believe the stories in movies and that it increases violence against women. In recent times, there have been many reports in the Indian media in which villagers have tortured and killed a woman by calling her a witch or deporting her from the village. Research has also been done by various organizations in this regard, the results of which claim that films and dramas related to witches have led to an increase in violence against women and their deaths at the hands of villagers. Are Islam forbids sorcery? These perfections can be accepted to the extent of entertaining children. But practicing sorcery is tantamount to inviting the wrath of God and is against the teachings of Islam.

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