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How To Earn Money From Snack Video App 2021.

Snack Video has now become the world’s second-largest entertainment social app after Tik Tok. But due to the changing situation in Pakistan, Tik Tok has been banned many times due to which the Snack Video app is being promoted a lot and in the coming days, it is hoped that it will surpass Tik Tok… Read More »

Why air conditioner capacity is measured in tons.

One ton, two-ton, do you know why the capacity of an air conditioner is tested by the ton? It has nothing to do with weight. Why air conditioner cooling is measured in tons NEW YORK (News Desk) – A well-known joke is that a representative of a company that installs air conditioners told an elderly… Read More »

Why are the alphabets on the keyboard random?

Most of us use a keyboard almost daily, whether it’s an office computer keyboard or a smartphone. But have you ever wondered why the end keyboards are not in alphabetical order, that is, why ‘A’ is followed by ‘S’ and ‘D’ instead of ‘B’ and ‘C’? “You may or may not know, but the current… Read More »

40 Best And Essential Applications For Android Users 2021

1.Live NetTv Channels from all over the world along with almost all the essential channels of Pakistan are included in this application The free app is not available on the Play Store. 2.30 Day Fitness Challenge People who do not have much time or space to exercise and do not have the necessary equipment to… Read More »

How To Use Computer Internet On Mobile Without Any Device.

Today we are going to talk that if you have internet connected on your computer then you can use it on your mobile without any device. In this age of inflation, buying a device is not just for everyone. The first thing you need to do is open Google and search for baidu wifi hotspot.… Read More »