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Hair Loss Treatment:Preventing hair loss is now in your own hands.

Hair is an important part of our personality, but falling out due to poor diet, economic and social problems has become a common problem today. Vinegar hair is an important feature of our personality, but it has become a common problem today due to poor diet, economic and social problems, or any disease. There are… Read More »

Why air conditioner capacity is measured in tons.

One ton, two-ton, do you know why the capacity of an air conditioner is tested by the ton? It has nothing to do with weight. Why air conditioner cooling is measured in tons NEW YORK (News Desk) – A well-known joke is that a representative of a company that installs air conditioners told an elderly… Read More »

The most expensive grapes in the world.

How many dollars did a bunch of grapes sell in Japan? In recent days, a bunch of grapes containing 30 grapes has been sold in Japan for a dollar of 10,900, meaning that a bunch of grapes in this bunch cost 3 360 – but the question arises as to whether Why are grapes sold… Read More »

9 Bodies that are preserved even after thousands of years.

It is a common saying that after death a person is buried in the dust and becomes dust, but there are people in the world who are not accepted by the dust even after death and their bodies are in perfect condition even after thousands of years. are present. 1. Saint Betina Zita Bodies St.… Read More »

How far are Pakistan’s maritime boundaries?

The Pakistani navy has claimed that it has foiled an attempt by an Indian submarine to enter Pakistani territory. A statement issued by the Navy spokesman said that the presence of an Indian submarine in Pakistani waters was detected and it was prevented from entering Pakistani waters. What are international maritime boundaries? Former Pakistan Navy… Read More »

How much destruction does an atomic bomb cause after it explodes?

How does an atomic bomb explode? The atomic bomb explodes at an altitude of 50 to 100 meters above the ground. Within a thousandth of a second of the first atom breaking down, all the atoms are broken down by neutrons. Immediately after the breakdown of the atoms, a huge sphere of extremely bright light… Read More »

What is life like inside a nuclear submarine.

World record for a long stay underground nuclear submarine At a time when six and a half million people of the world are flying in a ship thousands of feet above the ground, there are thousands of people in submarines below sea level. Nuclear submarines are one of the most expensive weapons in the world.… Read More »

5 Amazing Treasures That Changed People’s Lives.

You may have heard many stories in which people find the treasures of old times and they become millionaires overnight. But today we will mention some of the lucky ones in the real world whose treasures changed their lives. 1. Black Opal Ten years ago today, there was a man in Australia named Bobby who… Read More »

Why oil drilling in Pakistani sea failed Shocking revelations.

Kekra-1 Why did the crab forest on which 100 million dollars of the nation was poured and about which the Prime Minister of Pakistan kept dreaming sweet dreams suddenly shattered? Was there really no oil there or is the reality something else? Let’s try to find out this fact. Drilling in the world of science… Read More »

Interesting divorce rites and strange laws.

You may have heard about the rituals performed on the occasion of marriage but there are some places in the world where there is a tradition of performing religious rituals even on the occasion of failure of marriage i.e. divorce and not only that but the world In many countries, there are strange laws regarding… Read More »