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How the organs of the human body work.

1.Stomach Stomach: The stomach is scared when you do not have breakfast in the morning. 2.Kidneys Kidneys get scared when you don’t drink 10 glasses of water in 24 hours. 3.Gall bladder The gall bladder is disturbed when you do not sleep until 11 pm and do not wake up before sunrise. 4.Small intestines Small… Read More »

Hetty Green, the most stingy woman in the world.

World records continue to be set and broken, but the record of the most stingy American woman in the world could not be broken even a century later. According to the UAE’s Al-Bayan newspaper, there are many miseries in human history, and stories of their miserliness are well known, but the American woman Hetty Green… Read More »

Some ethics that can help you look decent.

1. Do not call a person more than twice in a row. If they don’t pick up your call, it means they are busy with something else. 2. Repay the loan taken from someone before reminding them. Be it 1 rupee or 1 crore, it shows the maturity of your character. 3. Do not order… Read More »