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Tallest statue in the world.

The tallest statues in the world are not only a distinct identity and status but also a recognition of the unparalleled skill of human creation. How to start making a statue How did the creation of sculpture begin? But it is certain that man has been endowed with the ability to create by nature. It… Read More »

Death in youth from drinking too much milk

To date, we have heard that drinking milk strengthens bones and also provides calcium, but a new study has not only refuted these claims but also revealed another surprising revelation. Drinking milk does not strengthen the bones According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, drinking more milk does not strengthen bones, but… Read More »

How much destruction does an atomic bomb cause after it explodes?

How does an atomic bomb explode? The atomic bomb explodes at an altitude of 50 to 100 meters above the ground. Within a thousandth of a second of the first atom breaking down, all the atoms are broken down by neutrons. Immediately after the breakdown of the atoms, a huge sphere of extremely bright light… Read More »

5 Amazing Treasures That Changed People’s Lives.

You may have heard many stories in which people find the treasures of old times and they become millionaires overnight. But today we will mention some of the lucky ones in the real world whose treasures changed their lives. 1. Black Opal Ten years ago today, there was a man in Australia named Bobby who… Read More »