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Dubai: Some Incredible Facts.

Dubai is the fastest-growing city in the world – in 1960 there was only sand everywhere, but today Dubai has many of the tallest and most luxurious buildings – and today a large number of tourists In today’s article we will tell you some facts about Dubai that are hard to believe. Crimes in Dubai… Read More »

Hands must be washed after touching some of these harmless items.

The status of cleanliness in Islam Muslims are aware of the fact that in Islam, cleanliness is considered to be a part of faith and this cleanliness includes cleaning the environment, cleaning the surroundings as well as personal cleanliness – that is why according to Islam before eating food After eating, it is mandatory to… Read More »

Amazing information about turtles.

The tortoise is a seemingly slow but very useful animal for our environment. Its status in water is the same as that of a vulture on land, which is called the scavenger of nature. The vulture actually eats the dead bodies (animals, humans) that are thrown away, causing the bodies to spread or There is… Read More »