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How To Earn Money From Snack Video App 2021.

Snack Video has now become the world’s second-largest entertainment social app after Tik Tok. But due to the changing situation in Pakistan, Tik Tok has been banned many times due to which the Snack Video app is being promoted a lot and in the coming days, it is hoped that it will surpass Tik Tok… Read More »

15 foods that boost immunity.

Immunity Immunity is actually an immunity found in living things that acts as a defense against diseases, which is why the word immunity is sometimes used for it. In medicine and wisdom, the word prohibition is used for immunity [1] which is derived from the Arabic word prohibition used in Urdu. It can also be… Read More »

Burj Khalifa will Disappear from the Magic.

Dubai‘s Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building that tourists come from far and wide to enjoy the beauty of this magnificent building. Now a magician has made an interesting announcement about this ‘Burj Khalifa’ which has surprised some people and disturbed others. Dr. Muntasir Al Mansoor, a magician from Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, has… Read More »

Tallest statue in the world.

The tallest statues in the world are not only a distinct identity and status but also a recognition of the unparalleled skill of human creation. How to start making a statue How did the creation of sculpture begin? But it is certain that man has been endowed with the ability to create by nature. It… Read More »

Big and small people of the world.

This world is also a wonderful spectacle. Where all kinds of spectacles are performed then these spectacles are advertised. The multimedia company and the media fill it with color and the whole world rushes to see this spectacle. A similar spectacle took place in London recently. In which the world’s tallest and shortest human beings… Read More »

ICC Cricket World Cup Runners up Teams History.

The Cricket World Cup is a major one-day cricket tournament held every four years. It is organized by the International Cricket Council. There are trial tournaments before it starts. The Cricket World Cup is considered to be the most important cricket tournament. The first World Cup was played in 1975 in Britain. A separate Women’s… Read More »

Hetty Green, the most stingy woman in the world.

World records continue to be set and broken, but the record of the most stingy American woman in the world could not be broken even a century later. According to the UAE’s Al-Bayan newspaper, there are many miseries in human history, and stories of their miserliness are well known, but the American woman Hetty Green… Read More »

Why air conditioner capacity is measured in tons.

One ton, two-ton, do you know why the capacity of an air conditioner is tested by the ton? It has nothing to do with weight. Why air conditioner cooling is measured in tons NEW YORK (News Desk) – A well-known joke is that a representative of a company that installs air conditioners told an elderly… Read More »

How far are Pakistan’s maritime boundaries?

The Pakistani navy has claimed that it has foiled an attempt by an Indian submarine to enter Pakistani territory. A statement issued by the Navy spokesman said that the presence of an Indian submarine in Pakistani waters was detected and it was prevented from entering Pakistani waters. What are international maritime boundaries? Former Pakistan Navy… Read More »

How much destruction does an atomic bomb cause after it explodes?

How does an atomic bomb explode? The atomic bomb explodes at an altitude of 50 to 100 meters above the ground. Within a thousandth of a second of the first atom breaking down, all the atoms are broken down by neutrons. Immediately after the breakdown of the atoms, a huge sphere of extremely bright light… Read More »